Ansicht einer Kugel. Der Äquator (blau) teilt die Kugel in zwei Hälften und kreuzt die Meridiane (gelb) unter 90°. Wie alle anderen durchgezogenen Linien dieses Bildes ist der Äquator ein Großkreis. Die gestrichelten Linien sind die Breitenkreise.
opinion of a ball.
The equator (blue) divides the ball into two halves and crosses the Meridiane (yellow) under 90°. Like all other pulled through lines of this picture the equator is a great circle. The broken lines are the parallels of latitude.

The equator (lat. “Gleichmacher”) is that great circle of a ball or a planet, which is equivalent far distant from both Poland. It is the only parallel of latitude, which is at the same time a great circle, thus the shortest connection between all itsPoints represents. The geographical width 0° is assigned to it.

The rotation axle of an astronomical object defines one level as normal one in the center - that is generally the emphasis -. This level is called equatorial plane. The equator is the cut linethe equatorial plane with - idealized generally - the surface. The projection of the equator on the celestial sphere is the celestial equator.

For obvious reasons „equator designates “generally the Erdäquator.

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Äquator und Wendekreise
equator and turning circle
Äquator - schwarz
equator - black
Äquatormonument in close proximity to Quito

the equator of the earth, diameter 12,756 km, crosses Africa, the Maldives and the Indian ocean, Indonesia, the centralPacific Mikronesien as well as South America. It separates thereby the north from the Southern Hemisphere. The center of the equator circle coincides with that the ball . Because of the easy periodic movements of the Erdachse the momentary equator at a place can up to approx. 10Meter far away from the middle equator its. The length of the equator amounts to 40,076, 6 km.

The equator crosses eleven states on land area:

beside it it crosses still some Inselgruppen in each case between the islands, does not run however not over their land surface. In addition the Maldives and several Inselgruppen of the Pacific belong.

Four capitals are nearly exactly on the equator:

a ritual with the first, usual in the navigationCrosses the equator is the equator baptism.

In the coordinate system of the earth (similar to also on moon - or sky - globes) the geographical width of the equator counts to the north positively, to the south negatively. In the English linguistic area becomes instead also Nor S added - e.g. 52°N for Berlin, 52°S for the Falklandinseln.

Germany is of the equator 47.4 - 54,9° (about 5300 to 6100 km) removes, Austria 46,4° - 49,1°, Switzerland 45,8° - 47,8°, South Tyrol 46,2° - 47,1°.

Along the Erdäquators and the Meridiane corresponds a Bogenminute about nautical mile, shortened sm (English. nautical mile, Nm). Their value of 1852 meters results from the middle grounds radius (6370 km). Also the original definition meterswas at the length of the Erdäquators and/or. the Meridiane (should correspond 40.000.000 meters) aligned.

Apart from the geographical equator described here there is also the aclinic line determined by the earth magnetic poles and the climatological heat equator.

The Monument of Quito givesnot exactly the equator on. The equator is about 200 meters far away from the monument.

celestial equator

the celestial equator is the great circle on the meant sky ball, on which it is cut by the level of the Erdäquators. Differentlyexpressed: if one would place a lamp into the center of a gläsernen globe, the celestial equator is the straight projection of the Erdäquators to the apparent sky ball.

Since the Erdachse is bent in relation to the level of the solar system, the celestial equator cuts the ecliptic- the level of the orbit of the earth around the sun - under an angle 23° 27 ' (inclined ones of the ecliptic). The two intersections become as Frühlingspunkt and/or. Herbstpunkt calls itself, there in them the sun to the Tagundnachtgleichen inSpring and/or. Autumn finds.

Places on the celestial equator have the declination 0° , a Poldistanz of 90° , their Rektaszension in the equatorial coordinate system on the basis of the Frühlingspunkt are measured.


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