of these articles treats the place Åre; for the Swedish municipality Åre see Åre (municipality).

Åre is one of the oldest and most important winter sports places of Sweden. Åre lies in the historical Swedish province Jämtland and the today's province Jämtlands län about 97 kilometers northwest from Östersund. Åre has 1,019 inhabitants (2000) and belonged to the municipality of the same name, is however not their principal place.

Åre is because of the foot of the mountain Åreskutan, which is 1420 meters high. A mountain railway from the year 1909, car courses and ski elevators deduce the skiing area, which belongs to most important Sweden.

sons and daughters of the city

coordinates: 63° 23 ' 55 " N, 13° 4 ' 55 " O


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