Édouard Risler

Édouard Risler (* 23. February 1873 in Baden-Baden; † 22. July 1929 in Paris) was a French pianist.

It studied Diémer with the famous paedagogue to Paris conservatoires as well as with the Liszt - pupils Bernhard Stavenhagen and Eugen d'Albert.

Risler was considered not only as the first pianist of the French school, which respectablly and comprehensively with the work Ludwig van Beethovens argued, but also as one the first piano player at all, who specified all 32 Sonaten Bonn master in the year cyclically - in the year 1906 in Berlin. The critics were inspired and particularly emphasized its projecting seed notice and its broad expression pallet, which added the past Beethoven picture crucial nuances.

Arthur Rubinstein, who heard Risler on this occasion, main headers later even out that he never experienced again a so impressive realising of the Beethoven Sonaten cosmos. This can be understood however also as defence reaction against the German, “heavy” Beethoven tradition, for some Artur bill, a William baking house was admired and with the ruby stone after own confession, nothing how so many of its slawischen colleagues could begin.


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