Élie Ducommun

Élie Ducommun

Élie Ducommun, (* 19. February 1833 in Geneva, † 7. December 1906 in Berne), Swiss journalist, businessman and Nobel peace prize carrier. He was state chancellor of the canton Geneva (1862 to 1865), co-editors of the newspaper „Les États universities d'Europe “(1868), initial member of the Swiss cooperative bank, today CS (1869), secretary of the law Simplon course, today Swiss federal courses AG (1873 - 1903) and director/conductor „international constant peace office “(1891 - 1906) to 10. December 1902 he got the Nobel peace prize as well as Charles Albert Gobat.

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vocational ones and political career

after a excursion as house teachers in Saxonia returned Ducommun 1853 to Genève. The learned journalist and convinced liberals were from 1858 to 1862 grand council of the canton Geneva. After its time as a grand council he was selected to the state chancellor of the canton Geneva, a function which he until 1865 implemented.

As an editor of the political newspaper “Progrès” in Delémont, 1865 - 1868, he came with the peace movement blossoming at that time in some European states into contact. After establishment „of the league for peace and liberty “(1868) he was an editor of their bulletin „Les budget universities d'Europe “(the United States of Europe).

When an editor „of the Progrès “he became also in the canton Berne a well-known personality, 1868 became he into the large advice selected, where he remained until 1877. 1872 he was joint founder „of the Cercel démocratique Rome and “, a political party later in „portion national the Rome and “renamed himself.


the goal of the international peace did not lose sight of Ducommun, even if temporarily different business moved him more. In order to offer Swiss workers a bank with favorable conditions, it creates 1869 the Swiss cooperative bank. It corresponded to its conviction that the social peace in a democratic community depends crucially on the financial security of the workers.

Apart from its activity as a delegate Ducommun dedicated itself in the years 1873 - 1903 as a Secretary-General the building of the law - Berne - to Luzern course, late law Simplon course mentioned.

peace politician

Ducommuns working for the peace was rather inconspicuously however effective. Not by spectacular actions, but by persistent work he became a pioneer of the peace movement. With Pierre Jolissaint and James Fazy he organized 1867 an international conference of peace in Genève. Ducommun was 1868 one the joint founder „of the league for peace and liberty “. To the 3. Conference „of the inter-parliamentary union “in Rome, 1891, became Ducommon the director/conductor office international permanent de la Paix (too German: „International constant peace office “) with seat in Berne, selected. First honorary, starting from 1903 up to its death, 1906, as an full-official Secretary-General. In this function it had to coordinate the activities of the numerous national peace organizations. For its work as a Secretary-General of the peace office it was distinguished 1902 with the Nobel peace prize.


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