Émile Sauret

Émile Sauret (* 22. May 1852 in Dun le Roi (France); † 12. February 1920 in London (England)) were a French violin virtuoso, music paedagogue and a composer of classical music.


Sauret bereiste since its respected Lebensjahr as a violin virtuoso France, Italy, Austria, England, the USA and Germany. From 1873 to 75 it was married with the venezolanischen Pianistin and Komponistin Teresa Carreño. It informed several years in Berlin at the new academy of the clay/tone art Theodor Kullaks and to the Royal Academy OF music in London. 1903 to 1906 it was Violinlehrer in Chicago, then in Geneva, until it finally moved to London.

Beside two Violinkonzerten Sauret composed a serenade for violin and orchestra, a Ballade, a Scherzo, a Barkarole and more than one hundred further works.

works (selection)

  • Gradus ad Parnassum, 1894.
  • Sonate A major for violin and piano, ISMN M-001-03262-9


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