Étienne Gilson

Étienne Henry Gilson (* 13. June 1884 in Paris; † 19. September 1978 in Cravant (Yonne)) was a French philosopher.

Gilson was a 1913/1914 professor for philosophy in Lille, after war participation and shank starting from 1919 in Strasbourg. he taught 1921-32 at that Paris Sorbonne philosophy history, 1926-28 at the same time to the Harvard University. Starting from 1932 he was a professor at the Collège de France in Paris. Also in Toronto he taught. Since 1946 it was member of the Académie Française. It is considered as one of the prominent researchers of the medieval world of thought.

Gilson rejected the term Scholastik as heading for medieval philosophy, since this was to be seized because of their varieties under no contentwise clammy one. It recognized the only community in their back bindingness to revealing (realization is called beyond the natural reason by report of God in Bible and called tradition) and it of therefore “Christian philosophy “. The argument with philosophy history was already thereby philosophy since this argument includes at least own thinking always also and tries a judgement. Its apart from the historical also systematic interest in philosophy one particularly recognizes de la philosophy mèdiévale in L'esprit.

Gilson belongs to the most well-known representatives of the Neuthomismus to answer to that ago from the philosophical starting point Thomas's von Aquin the modern questions and/or. the modern answers to reject looked for.

works (selection)

  • Le thomisme 1919
  • Introduction á l'étude de S. Augustin 1929 (dt. 1930: The holy Augustin: an introduction to its teachings)
  • L'esprit de la philosophy mèdiévale 1932
  • L'être et l'essence 1948
  • Heloise and Abälard: at the same time a contribution to the problem of the Middle Ages and human. Freiburg in mash gau: Herder 1955. - 151 S. (Original: Héloise et Abélard)
  • Christian philosophy from their beginnings to Nikolaus of Cues. In co-operation with Philotheus Böhner. 2. , neubearb. Aufl. Paderborn: Schoeningh, 1954. - XXXII, 655 S.


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