Îles Glorieuses

map of the Îles Glorieuses
satellite photograph of the Îles Glorieuses

the Îles Glorieuses (briefly also les Glorieuses; German about „fameful islands “) are northwest an uninhabited tropical Inselgruppe with a total area from five km ² in the Indian ocean, from Madagascar on
coordinates: 11° 30 ' S, 47° 20 ' O
11° 30 ' S, 47° 20 ' O convenient.

politics and administration

since 1892 belong the islands to France. As the remaining Îles of éparses is administered the Îles Glorieuses since 2005 by the Präfekten and highest manager of the French south and Antarctic areas. Before it they had been administered since 1960 by the Präfekten of the Überseedépartements Réunion, without belonging even to Réunion.

Since the independence of Madagascar 1960 the islands are stressed also by this former French colony.

The islands have meaning particularly because of the large exclusive economic zone of 48.350 km ².

geography and economics

the Îles Glorieuses consist rock of two sumptuously bewachsenen Koralleninseln (Île Glorieuse and Île you Lys) and several isles (and. A. Roches width unit and Île aux Crabes). The islands are flat with a maximum collection of twelve meters.

On the Île Glorieuse is a small military base with an not asphalted landing runway for airplanes, an anchorage before the coast, a Wetterstation and a radio station. This base serves also as basis for scientific investigations.

The climate is tropical, which the continuous evergreen vegetation (z. B. Kokospalmen) favours.


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