Ökumeni Patriarchat of Konstantinopel

the Ökumeni Patriarchat of Konstantinopel is a autokephale, orthodox church. To it about 3.5 million profess itself orthodox Christians, above all in Turkey (where however only few thousand orthodox ones live), a part of those in Greece (eastern region around Thessaloniki and islands; otherwise Greek-orthodox church) and the griechischsprachigen orthodox Diaspora municipalities, e.g. also in Germany.

At their point the Patriarch of Konstantinopel stands. This is the symbolic head (first under resembling) of the entire orthodox Christianity. However it - differently than the Pope in the catholic church - does not have instruction powers in relation to the other Patriarchaten and other autokephalen churches and uses there also no bishops. At present the office has its all holyness Bartholomäus I. . Its seat is in the Phanar in Istanbul. The Turkish government recognizes the Patriarchen only in its characteristic as head of the Greek Orthodoxie in Turkey on, not however as honour head of the Weltorthodoxie.

After the contract of Lausanne the Patriarch of Turkish citizens must be. Because of the very small number in Turkey remaining orthodox one, under which naturally also only a small part is qualified for such an office, is possibly to be counted after the death of the today's Patriarchen on follow-up difficulties. Making more difficult it is added that the training of priests is not possible at present in Turkey. The only remaining Greek-orthodox seminar for priests in Turkey on the prince island Heybelıada (griech.: Halki) in the Marmarameer was closed 1971, when Turkey put all private universities under state control, by the state. A reopening was assured by the Turkish government, this was not put again and again however until today into practice. Priests and theologians are dependent to study abroad. Therefore a transfer of the seat of the Patriarchen after Thessaloniki, others suggest some orthodox one against the fact hope that by the approximation of Turkey to the European union and hopefully the larger freedom of religion accompanying with it this will not be necessary.

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