Austrian academy of the sciences

the Austrian academy of the sciences (ÖAW) is the prominent Trägerin of non-university academic research in Austria.


seat of the academy in the internal city

you is legal entity of public right under special protection of the federation with the objective,the science in all areas, particularly within the range of the basic research to promote in each regard.

The ÖAW of emperor Ferdinand I. was created. to 14. May 1847 as a “imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna”.

The academy has their seat in the 1755 of JeanNicolas Jadot de Ville Issey built former aula of the University of Vienna, which also over a famous festival room with Fresken of Gregorio Guglielmi and a theology hall with Maulbertsch - Fresken orders.

Phonogramm archives of the academy began early (in order 1900), poet voices by means of the Schallaufzeichnung to document. Thosefrühsten in the Schallaufnahme received German-language poet voices originate from this archives.

Present president of the academy is Professor. Dr. Harsh ore Mang.

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