as assumption becomes the acceptance and/or. the purchase of an achievement and/or. the acceptance of a task and/or. a function designates.

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to law of contract

the product, a commodity or serviceafter the purchase (- contract), thus the mutual declaration of intention one takes over. Legally the assumption of the commodity marks also the passage of the risk for fall and damage. In the internationlalen trade the accurate determination of the assumption has therefore a high relevance.

One-sided declarations of intention, like e.g. Donations or inheritances becomeonly taken over if one explained oneself ready for it. The gift is usually explained without written donation contract.

marketing and management

the assumption or enterprise assumption, how we know it today not least from world-wide competitions, is pretty often one „hostile takeover “, thus the acquisition of the majority participation to, usually large enterprises against the will of the management. Hostile takeovers serve often only to put over the competitor lamely and if necessary. also in order its substance with profit to repel to be able (= ' ate Stripping' as motive for arbitragethe “Raider theory”). „A weighty argument for ‚friendly `assumptions (thus the acquisition of the majority participation with approval of the management) is the increasing obligation to the size due to the globalization. “ (Pure hard of Normann into „the small restaurant encyclopedia “)

around a hostile takeover to prevent, various possibilities stand for the enterprise concernedopenly: On the one hand the possibility exists of spending with the stock exchange course the shares as registered shares which is substantially blocked however the trade and usually only accomplished thus, if it is compellingly necessary for the stock exchange quotation. The second possibility would be, that for the defense of the hostile takeoverto make available and to the own shareholders an offer submit necessary capital, which arranges it not to sell to the competitor. The third solution is the employment of a white knight in such a way specified, usually an enterprise, which at thatSovereignty of the enterprise concerned interested is submitted and therefore a counter offer. A fourth possibility an assumption to prevent is “sips of a poisonous pill” (poison pellet). By this measure the enterprise becomes uninteresting for the purchaser. Poison pellets would know for example the threats of the staff underthe new owner service according to regulation to perform its or a lifelong job warranty. The last way out is the fusion with another enterprise, with which one is rather determined to cooperate or which appears more attractive.

If large-scale enterprises, want to mostly take over corporations a competitor, is thatresult desired probably the fusion. In the German technical literature for it and appropriate word connections today frequently the English term Merger stands.

That, in the angloamerikanischen literature coined/shaped term „of the Mergers “designates all enterprise combinations, with which at least one of the enterprises involved its economic Selbstständigkeitto give up must. With respect to the German terminology one differentiates thus fusions, with which both an economical, and a legal combination of the involved ones take place. (in demarcation to the Konzernierung (acquisition), with which the involved ones are not legally combined economically, but)

the assumption is legal in thatTo regard rule as union, which can be subject to union control.

personnel management

with assumption e.g. is. an occupation directly after existed training in the same enterprise meant. Also the occupation liable to social security of ehm. Borrowing personnel in the entleihenden enterprise. The assumption of a task, a function or responsibilitycan lead to Enrichment or Enlargement.

development psychology

the assumption of ways of acting or knowledge is an important result of learning.


of leaning words and foreign words result from assumption of words of a language into another.

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