as Überseedépartement (Département et région d'outre more mer, ABC DROM) are designated some regions of the French republic, which lie outside of the European heartland (France Métropolitaine). With the DROM it concerns former colonies, which became d'outre more mer after the ii. world war “sections”. Besidethe DROM exist also Outre Mer (overseas) to territories (TOM) outside of the France Métropolitaine, which have contrary to the DROM a state-legal special status.

Due to the high transfer payments from the European union and France, which ensure a high standard of living, have themselves into the DROM never particularlystrong movements for an independence in an educated manner. Neither in France nor in the European union this special status, which represents a remainder of the colonialism of France, is questioned.

Up to the constitutional amendment in March 2003 the official designation CATHEDRAL, those applied today in the French linguistic area -although legally no longer available - is still far common.

Together the DROM has a population of approx. 2 million humans.

The Überseedépartements represents a component completely on an equal footing of the republic. Like that they, like the Départements of the France Métropolitaine, are with delegates inthe national assembly represent; the inhabitants select also the president of the republic also. At the point of the administration in each case a Präfekt stands. The DROM is, like the France Métropolitaine, part of the European union; the currency of the euro. Only in the purchase to tariffs and value added taxesthere are some exceptions.

The Überseedépartements and their agency in national assembly and/or. Senate:

Mayotte départementale ( since 2000 ) has a similar legal position as Collectivité (ever 1 delegate and senator). Pc. Pierre and Miquelon was from 1976 to 1985 a Überseedépartement. The population decided in a popular vote against the status of a Überseedépartements. As Collectivité territorial resembles thatStatus that of an overseas territory. Also pc. Pierre and Miquelon is with ever 1 delegate and senator in Paris represented.

see also: French overseas territories


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