Ümit Davala

Ümit Davala (* 30. July 1973 in Mannheim) is a former Turkish football player.

Davala became with Galatasaray Istanbul six times of Turkish masters and five times Cup winner. In the year 2000 it won the UEFA Cup and the Supercup with the association. The moreover it played for the AC Milan and inter Milan.

From the summer 2003 until January 2006 Davala stood with the federal lyingists sports association Werder Bremen under contract and became directly in the first year with the association of German masters and DFB Cup winners.

For the Turkish national team Davala denied so far 63 international matches. Its largest success was the third place with the soccer world championship 2002 in Japan and South Korea.

Apart from its activity as soccer players Ümit Davala is also as RWSby active. Its first and so far only album appeared in the summer 2004.

Due to a complicated Hüftverletzung Davala had to terminate its football career in March 2006.


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