Željko Mavrović

Željko Mavrović
[[picture: |200px]]
birth name Željko Mavrović
weight class heavyweight
nationality Croatian
birthday 17. February 1969
place of birth Zagreb
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.91 m
combat statistics
of fights of 28
victories 27
KO of victories 22
defeats 1
no valuation

Željko “Zed” Mavrović (* 17. February 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia) is a former Croatian Boxer and European champion in the heavyweight (EBU). It was at its time the only heavyweight Profiboxer with final Abitur.

Mike Tyson - manager Don King called Mavrović „the true white hope” of the box haven.

At the 11. April 1995 it won the European champion title in the heavyweight with a TKO victory in the 11. Round against Christophe Bizot. It defended the title in the next years several times with success. Mavrović was considered quite as a candidate to the heavyweight world champion title, it lost however to 26. September 1998 against Lennox Lewis the fight for the WBC - belts. It got over this fight without precipitation, had however at no time a material victory chance. After the fight it got sick with a virus infection, lost much weight and withdrew in December 2000 of the active box haven, without still another further fight to have denied.

most important ones of fights

  • 26. November 1994 Wuppertal: (DM fight for the vacant heavyweight title) victory 3. Round K.o. Oleg Savenko
  • 11. April 1995 Levallois: (EM-fight for the vacant EBU title) victory 11. Round t.K.o. Christophe Bizot
  • 9. December 1995 Stuttgart: (EM-fight EBU) victory 1. Round K.o. Przemyslaw Saleta
  • 20. April 1996 Duesseldorf: (EM-fight EBU) victory 12. Round to points Christophe Bizot
  • 2. November 1996 mixing part churches: (EM-fight EBU) victory 2. Round t.K.o. Clifton Mitchell
  • 15. February 1997 Vienna: (EM-fight EBU) victory 8. Round t.K.o. Julius Francis
  • 12. July 1997 London: (EM-fight EBU) victory 5. Round t.K.o. Lajos Eros
  • 18. October 1997 Vienna: (EM-fight EBU) victory 4. Round t.K.o. Vincenzo Cantatore
  • 26. September 1998 Uncasville: (WM-fight WBC) defeat 12. Round to points Lennox Lewis


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