Žilinský kraj

Žilinský kraj
Flagge Zeichen
superordinate State of Slowakei
kind of the administrative unit Kraj
administrative partitioning 11 Okresy
surface 6,788 km ²
inhabitant 692,332
population density 101.99 Einwohner/km ²
language (n) slowakisch, Polish
religion (EN) Roman-catholic
nationality (EN) Slowaken, Poland
administrative seat/capital Žilina
Prednosta (chief) Juraj Marko
index/character 05
telephone preselection +421
Time belt UTC +1

the Žilinský kraj (Silleiner landscape federation) is an administrative territory in the northern Slowakei. It borders on Tschechien and Poland as well as on the Trenčiansky kraj, the Banskobystrický kraj and the Prešovský kraj. It has a surface of 6.788 km ²and 692,332 inhabitants (2001). Capital is Žilina (Sillein), other important cities is Martin, Ružomberok (rose mountain) and Liptovský Mikuláš (Liptau sinking Nikolaus).

The country is gebirgig and lies in the Karpaten. The white Karpaten forms the border to Mähren, the Tatra is because of the Polish border. Within the district also the large one and the small Fatra lie. Main river is the Waag, which the rivers door International Electronical Commission and Orava lead into. Because of the upper run of the Waag is the landscape Liptau.

The Kraj existsfrom the following 11 districts (okresy):

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