1. Fiber plastic Germany 06

wanted to participate in image campaign fiber plastic Germany 06: Gerhard Schröder

fiber plastic Germany 06 was invented 2004 from the advertising and idea agency to golden deer and the director Sönke word man as world-open fan campaign to the soccer world championship 2006. The German government and the Federal association of the German industry (BDI) found the action interesting and wanted it as image campaign to the football WM to use, in order to positively represent Germany in the world and to obtain a lasting use for the restaurants - , innovation - and science location as well as for the tourist country Germany.

In ever more political and federation-steered discussion rounds the action with compromises and bureaucracy was overloaded. Finally it came to an advertisement, which won the agency Scholz & Friends with the concept “country of the ideas”. The original initiators will step out and start in April 2006 their own, from politics and federations perfectly independent fan portal http://www.fcdeutschland06.de, in which fun at the football is connected with criticism at the interferences of the FIFA.

Table of contents

of goals

the goals of the fiber plastic Germany 06 are in the following Charter summarized:

1. The fiber plastic Germany 06 is open for all open humans.

2. We stand for sharp for football with heart and ss.

3. We are the country of the poets and philosophers, not the density and Banker: Away with the absurd spell miles approximately around the stages!

4. We fetch Germany back the WM - and make from it the coolste, most leave, most relaxed, most exciting, merriest party of all times!

5. We cannot be forbidden the word “WM”: Free sales of WM-rolls for all!

6. A ticket is like a Panini picture: To exchange and freely act freely!

7. We determine that we tighten in the stadium and we drink which beer!

8. Half-full stages do not make fun: We demand the free release of all places vacant to beginning of play!

9. Ago with the Brazilians, the Costa Ricanern, Iranian inside, the Americans and all other fan of all countries!

10. The fiber plastic Germany 06 is against each form of racingism and force.

11. Bricking must away!


the originally angedachte action was called of critics at the end of of 2004 „Red-Green election campaign portion “. One speculated in German media whether the former German Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had started the image project, in order to originally decide after the successfully cut off soccer world championship those few weeks later taking place election to the Bundestag for itself. So far successful cutting of the German national soccer team off entailed a re-election of the acting Federal Chancellor. After the WM-victory with the soccer world championship 1954 Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (CDU) was confirmed with the following election to the Bundestag with an absolute majority in the office, 1974 followed after the title gain of the German soccer players the re-election Helmut Schmidts (SPD) in the chancellorship two years later. Its challenger Helmut Kohl ( CDU ), been subject at that time, was allowed to rely 1990 on the law of the series: Of Germany soccer players world champions and the head of the government Kohl officiating since 1982 became the third time of German Federal Chancellors the third time. The location campaign criticized of parts of the opposition as an election campaign assistance of coach of the national team Jürgen Klinsmann is supported. It attaches however importance to political independence. After inquiries the WM regards 90 per cent of the Germans as „a good chance to positively present Germany in the world “. With the preferring of the election to the Bundestag on 2005 this point of criticism had taken care of itself.

a concept, to 19 compiled execution four different advertising agencies. January 2004 the German sport committee was submitted. Whereupon the advertising agency Scholz & Friends received the addition for the image campaign of the Federal Government. From 6500 possible points the agency, which among other things with the FAZ Werbekampagne ( „behind it always puts an intelligent head “) admits became, obtained approximately 6000 points with the campaign „country of the ideas “, which addresses itself particularly to investors abroad. At the second place the agency landed „to golden deer “with 4000 points, which „the fiber plastic Germany 06 “proclaims and which tendency wants to heat up inland. Decided a 30-köpfige commission of the sport committee, that also several cabinet members belonged. The second and Drittplatzierten do not go out however empty: „The conversion is” to take place “in co-operation with the agencies “to golden deer” and “lion Communication, let the Federal Government on a press conference in January 2005 announce.

According to newspaper reports (the mirror) the advertising agencies involved themselves into a welfareless authority controversy. The sponsor Volkswagen does not want to support the campaign should not only it around football go. A speaker of the company Siemens criticized likewise the advertising agencies. Reason for the criticism of the sponsors was an authority controversy under the three advertising agencies Scholz and Friends assigned the campaign, „to golden deer “and „lion “. These companies argued about authority and contents - their beginnings were so different that they can hardly be brought under a hat. The Federal Government reacted to in the middle of February 2005 calmly to the controversy. It is politically explosive that the Scholz and Friends boss Thomas welfare man of trusted friends of the CDU - boss Angela Merkel and CDU-Mitglied is. To golden deer worked however beside restaurant economics such as Europcar or the Axel Springer publishing house also for the Greens.

Under guidance of Scholz & Friends now the total appearance should be arranged. Here Financial Time Germany begin “the Rangeleien among the solicitors according to the newspaper „: It is not clear, as the authority is distributed.

Sebastian Turner, agency boss of Scholz & Friends, placed its concept as „Känguru method “- thus as method „of the far jumps with empty bag “forwards. He saw the reason for it in the comparatively small budget. As example of a positive image campaign it called those the olympia city Sydney, which should have been a model for the soccer world championship in Germany. In his campaign the agency boss Germany wants as country of the inventors, Tüftler, philosophers and artists marked out.

As organization form of the image project a GmbH is to be furnished. Managing director is the former manager of the Leipziger olympia application, Mike de Vries. The economy is after its conceptions over a license procedure of the Slogans „1. Fiber plastic Germany 06 “to be merged. Problem: the trademark laws at “fiber plastic Germany 06” are not with De Vries and also not at the Federal Government, but with the inventors to golden deer.

Those will again step out finally of the project politisierten meanwhile, in order to start independently the fiber plastic Germany 06 as fan portal.


German prominent one like the film director Sönke word man (the miracle of Berne) the project with the agency to golden deer started, Federal President Horst charcoal burners should the patronage take over.

After the original project was watered by politics and federations and to the “country of the ideas” unfirmiert, the agency stepped out to golden deer and started it to 6. April 2006 under http://www.fcdeutschland06.de again and under own direction.


invented the name of the image campaign fiber plastic Germany 06 the director Sönke word man as well as the advertising agency “to golden deer”, otherwise for customers such as Europcar, the Axel Springer publishing house, which works the Greens and AXE.


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