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of the 1. July is the 182. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 183. in leap years), thus 183 days up to the year end remain.

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  • 1614: The commercial company of the Welser is bankruptcy
  • 1970: Of Nauru most important company, the Nauruan phosphate company, 1993
  • are created: T-mobile Germanythe operational business (under the name December Mobil German Telekom portable radio GmbH) starts 2004 as economically independent
  • enterprise: The US-American sports article company K2 Inc. euro takes over the sports article manufacturer Völkl, those last a world market portion for a purchase price of 160 millionsfrom 10% with the skis [
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  • 1867: With the collapse of the pit in the Steinkohlenbergwerk “new find pit” in Lugau/Erzgeb. die 101 miners.
  • 1942: During sinking the Japanese passenger and cargo ship „Montevideo Maru “by an American submarinedie 1,053 predominantly Australian prisoners of war and civilinterned
  • 1990: Heavy tempests with large hail damage in the Oststeiermark (area hard mountain)
  • 1993: Indonesia. During the final approach on Sorong, (west Papua) one fell started into Ambon (Molukken) Fokker F-28 of the Merpati airlines off. From 43 passengers only two survived
  • 1994: Tidjikja, Mauritania. In Nouakchott started Fokker F-28 of the air Mauretanie made a crash landing in the sandstorm. The machine in flames came up. 80Humans died, 13 could be saved with heavy injuries
  • 2002: A Russian passenger airline of the type Tupolev Tu-154 and a freight machine of the DHL of the type Boeing 757 collided in 11.000 m height over the Bodensee with Überlingen and felloff. There were 71 dead ones. As a cause an error of the responsible Swiss air surveillance Skyguide was indicated. It was the heaviest airplane misfortune over Germany in more recent time


entries from athlete IC world records is under the respective discipline under Leichtathletik; for events within the range formula 1 see there.

  • 1990: Germany defeats inQuarter final of the soccer world championship born in Italy the CSFR with
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