1. November

of the 1. November is the 305. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 306. in leap years), thus 60 days up to the year end remain.

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  • 1838: Premiere of the amusing opera „the juror of of Paris “ of Heinrich thorn in Riga
  • 1975: At the night to 2. Three burglars break November in Cologne cathedralby means of mountain climbing equipment into the old cathedral vault in the northern transverse house and valuable Monstranzen and crosses steal. The authors can be seized later with the help of the Cologne underworld and condemned to higher imprisonments. They had let a part of the booty melt


  • 610: the Pantheon in Rome becomes of Bonifatius IV.converted into a church and the queen of the martyrs geweiht. The martyr graves present before the gates of Rome in the Katakomben the attacking Germanic trunks were abandoned.The memory of the consecration of the Pantheons later to the all holy celebration and protects the antique architectural monument the purge

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of entries from athlete IC world records are under the respective discipline under Leichtathletik; for events within the range formula 1 see there.



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