101 Dalmatiner

101 Dalmatiner or Hundertundein Dalmatiner is the German title 1956 appeared book of Dodie Smith (original title: (English.) „The dog-talk and One Dalmatians, or the Great Dog Robbery “). History told therein attained in of rolls Disney amended book version just like through Comics based on it and different filmings and/or. as TV serial world-wide admittingness.

Table of contents

original contents

the main figures of the original book are the Dalmatinerpaar Pongo (designated after the dog of the authoress) and Missis Pongo with their young-married owners Mr. and Mrs. Dearly and the Dalmatinerweibchen Perdita. A Schulfreundin of Mrs. Dearly, the extravagante Cruela de much, leaves in its desire to get a coat from Dalmatinerfell and. A. the first throw of 15 puppies steal. Thereupon the search of Pongo and Missis Pongo, implemented by all kinds of adventures, begins, to which later the dog nut/mother likewise searching for their new generation pushes Perdita.

The title-giving number of 101 is only mentioned in this version in a Unterkapitel.

Disney version

of roll Disney company filmed (and so more well-known) version begins in former times (before the marriage of the dogs and the owners of dog) and is simplified in the Plot something, since the figures of Missis Pongo and Perdita merge into the figure Perdita, which marries Pongo. The further succession is essentially comparably, characteristic is the bad Cruella also here de much and the little minted intelligence of acting humans.


  • 1961: 101 Dalmatiner (English. „One dog-talk and One Dalmatians “, indication trick)
  • 1996: 101 Dalmatiner (English. „101 Dalmatians “, material filming)
  • 2000: 102 Dalmatiner (English. „102 Dalmatians “, material filming)
  • 2003: 101 Dalmatiner - part of 2 (English. „101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure “, indication trick)

TV serial

  • 1997: 101 Dalmatiner (indication trick)

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