11. January

of the 11. January (in Austria: 11. Jänner) is the 11. Day of the Gregorian calendar, thus still 354 days (in leap years 355 days) up to the year end remain.

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  • 2002: Argentina terminates the Konvertibilität of its currency opposite the USD.

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  • 1954: an avalanche disaster in Vorarlberg demands 135 dead ones, the majority was in Blons in the large Walsertal.
  • 1959: Aircraft crash. A LockheedL-1049G super Constellation of Lufthansa is on the flight from Hamburg - Fuhlsbüttel after Rio de Janeiro. About 20 minutes before the landing the crew was instructed to sink from 4200 to 3000 meters. After flying over the KXNDB radio beacon follows a descending flight after 900 meters. Galeao Approach is contacted and exchanged position indications. The machine sinks with rains over Guanabara Bay and affects with the nose gear the water surface. Thereupon the crew probably tries to continue the approach but the machinefalls briefly before the runway with Flecheiras Beach. With the misfortune 36 that dies altogether 39 passengers. The reason for the crash is today unclear until, but it is assumed that the pilots with the approach flight under thoseMinimum height sank.
  • 1962: Ice and rubble avalanche at the Nevado Huascarán in Peru; 4000 dead ones.
  • 1995: Cartagena, Colombia. Crash from Bogotá coming Douglas DC-9 of the Intercontinental de Aviacion briefly before the landing. 51 humans die,only one person survives.


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