2. August

of the 2. August is the 214. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 215. in leap years), thus still 151 days up to the year end remain.

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  • 1953: With the large price of Germany on the only castle ring 1953 the second Grand Prix WM running with the participation of teams from the GDR ( EMW (ice NAK ago engine works, late waiting castle), Klodwig and Greifzu ) takes place. All three startedwith identical engines of the company BMW. At this time in the EMW work still parallel EMW and BMW are manufactured, which will change by the transformation into the VEB automobile work iron oh. The venture formula 1 is for the Council of State thatGDR however no successful: EMW separates after 11 rounds due to defective exhaust , Greifzu becomes with place of the 14 last but one; the formula 1 becomes as capitalistic mischief cried

the first employment of East German teams with a Grand Prix - WM-run was 1952likewise on the only castle ring. There Rudolf ruffle stood on a hoar frost BMW and Ernst Klodwig on a tail BMW in the starter field. Entries from athlete IC world records are under the respective discipline under Leichtathletik; for events within the range formula 1 see there.


John Tyndall, on the right of (1812-1893)


Oswald of cloud stone (* around 1377-1445)

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