2. Federal league (football)

the second federal league is the second highest play class in the German football.

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federal league associations 2005/06
1. Federal league (red),
2. Federal league (blue)

1974 was introduced the second soccer federal league as new underbody for the federal league. 40 soccer associations, in two relays (north and south) divided, played for the first time together around the ascent in the football upper house. In each case the relay winners ascended into the federal league and two table second played in and replay a third Aufsteiger out. From the federal league the three table-last descended and after regional affiliation in the 2.Bundesliga north or 2.Bundesliga south were arranged. Since with this procedure the number of the up and Absteiger in the individual relays did not hold itself always the balance, had to be played in some play times with 21 or 22 associations in a group. 1981 were introduced the single-railed second federal league with 20 associations. Now rose in each case table first and - second at the end of the season into the federal league up, third completed two so-called Relegationsspiele around the ascent and/or. The whereabouts in the 1.Bundesliga. Starting from the season 1991/92 played also the former GDR - soccer associations with and in this season one played again in two relays à 12 crews. 1992/93 came it to a “giant season”, in which 24 associations went single-railed to the start, 1993/94 covered the league then 20 crews and since 1994/95 play the second federal league with 18 crews. The most successful association was Fortuna Cologne (1376 points in 970 plays)

in the football season 2004/05 in the scandal several plays of the second soccer federal league and the regional league by the football arbitrator at that time Robert Hoyzer was manipulated. The portion between LR awls and Wacker castle living from the second federal league had to 27. April 2005 to be repeated.

play mode

changes in the play mode

  • number of crews: 18; 1981-91 was it 20. 1991/92 were played in two relays à 12 crews, 1992/93 again in a relay with 24, 1993/94 with 20 associations.
  • Number of Aufsteiger into the federal league: 3; 1981-91 gave it a Relegationsrunde (see above), to 1991/92 1 Aufsteiger per relay.
  • Number of Absteiger into the regional league (1994 ago: Upper league): 4; 1991/92: 2-3 per relay (inclusive Relegation); 1992/93: 7.

overview: sporty qualification

  • 1. - 3. Place: Ascent into the federal league
  • 15. - 18. Place: Descent into the regional league

all secondary league masters since 1975

2. Federal league north

2. Federal league south

single-railed ones 2. Federal league

2. Federal league north

2. Federal league south

single-railed one 2. Federal league

the Aufsteiger were out-played from 1974 to 1994 in ascent rounds. Since 1995 there are 4 firm Aufsteiger from the regional leagues.

the Aufsteiger into the 2. Federal league since 1992

the sports club Fortuna Cologne was the steadiest association of the 2. Federal league. Until 2000 it played 26 years long continuously in the 2. Federal league.

the Absteiger into the regional league / upper league since 1990

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