the 25-Punkte-Programm was the party program of the NSDAP. It became to 24. February 1920 of Adolf Hitler before approximately 2000 persons in the resident of Munich yard brewing house announces. On the same day the former German labour party (DAP) was renamed into National Socialist German labour party (NSDAP). The program had been written by Adolf Hitler , Anton Drexler and Gottfried feather/spring. In it spoken of the leader, an abolition of the Versailler of contract and combination was already rejected with Austria demanded, the German nationality for Jews, and demanded the structure of an authoritarian state. To the seizure of power many of the points were within a short time converted. The socialist component was not converted, since Hitler the realm resistance and the entrepreneurs wanted to bring on his side. Since the guidance of the SA demanded a continuation „of the revolution “and a large conversion of the program, it came to the murder of Ernst Röhm and the SA guidance in the so-called Röhm Putsch.


in front - populist konnotiert - are stressed that after reaching of the goals to make possible no new were set up, in order „continuing the party. “In the end „the leaders of the party “promise, to occur if necessarily under „employment of the own life inconsiderately “for the conversion.

The program describes the principles of the party in social, social, economic, political and religious questions.

At the beginning the demand stands for equal rights of the German people after one „in relation to the other nations “and „the abolition of the peace treaties of Versailles and sp Germain “the party demands one „union of all Germans “and an extension of the territory to „the settlement of our population surplus “of the so-called citizens, who should be at the same time people comrades and „German blood “. Jews are excluded from the beginning from the community. All non--citizens should be subordinated to a stranger legislation and be relieved of political offices and rights. In the case of a supplying scarceness „the members of strange nations should be expelled “, the moreover one should from the beginning a Zuwanderung „non--Germans “retroactively to 2. August 1914 to be forbidden.

In the program a far obligation to the work for all citizens one requires, who have to serve the common interest. The abolishment is demanded by an income without work and one „refraction the interest farmhand shank. “Personal enriching at the war should under punishment be placed and Kriegsgewinne be drawn in.

From the paper it follows that the nationalization would have been society-light enterprises planned and it mentioned that large-scale enterprises should be obligated to the payment of a profit-sharing. „“One wanted to execute common people criminals, usurer, slidegate valve etc.

The speech is also of one „generous development of the old-age pension “, the improvement „of the public health “through „turn and sport obligation “, the prohibition of the youth work and of education on public expenses for arms, with simultaneous switching of the völkischen thought.

The establishment one was planned „people army “, which should replace the existing „mercenary troop “.

Into the Pressefreiheit one wanted to be allowed to appear to intervene that all coworkers of German-language newspapers would have to be „people comrades “, „not-German “newspapers in such a manner only with permission and in German language and financial participations „to non--Germans “at newspapers not be punished. In addition the attention „of the public interest was called “as condition for a publication. Art, literature and meetings, which could not be subordinated to this term, should be exposed to one „legal fight “. The same applies to „the liberty of all religious confessions in the state “with admitting to the Christianity without denomination. The contrast to „the Jewish-materialistic spirit “was particularly lifted out and gemünzt on the slogan „Gemeinnutz before self-interest “.

In the last point one is demanded „central power “as absolute authority in the realm and planning of „condition and occupation chambers “.

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