25. September

of the 25. September is the 268. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 269. in leap years). To the year end 97 days remain.

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  • 1513:Discovery Pacific. In September 1513 a crowd of 190 Spaniards in Panama under guidance of Vasco Nunez de Balboa opens itself , a sayful new sea to discover mentioned by the Indians south sea. In a mörderischen march by junglesand 25 reaches heat to. September 1513 only 67 men a mountain of from Vasco the Nunez de Balboa as first Europeans the well-known Atlantic and the new Pacific ocean sees
  • 1950: In Hamburg the northwestGerman broadcast takes,from the late WDR and the NDR developed, the first television station in enterprise
  • 1956: The first transatlantic Fernsprechkabel is taken between Europe (Scotland) and North America (Canada) in enterprise. Over this sea-telephone cable at the same time 36 could Discussions to be transferred
  • 1983: 417 km long TGV - distance from Paris to Lyon opens
  • 1992: The last section of the Rhine Main Danube channel is finished placed to culture after 34-jähriger construction period
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  • 2005: The Spaniard Fernando Alonso secures itself with the 3.Platz in the GP of Brazil his first world champion title. He is thus the recent formula 1 world champion of all times!

Entries from athlete IC world records are under the respective discipline under Leichtathletik;for events within the range formula 1 see there.



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