2 nearly 2 Furious

film data
of German titles: 2 nearly 2 Furious
original titles: 2 nearly 2 Furious
production country: The USA, Germany
feature year: 2004
length (PAL - DVD): 103 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: John single clay/tone
film script: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas
production: Neal H. Moritz
music: David Arnold
camera: Matthew F. Leonetti
cut: Bruce Cannon, Dallas S. Puett

2 nearly 2 Furious is the continuation of The nearly and the Furious, an US-American Actionfilm, which acts of illegal road running and plays in the Tuningszene.

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after the incidents with the determinations in the illegal running scene of Los Angeles is nominated however not extracted from Brian O'Conner the service mark. Shortly thereafter its knowledge is over the scene however again of importance for the FBI and it into the illegal running scene of Miami is transferred, in order to transport together with novel Pearce, its former youth friend, a charge there “dirty” money for the slidegate valve Carter Verone. Actually however he co-operates with the Undercover Agentin Monica Fuentes, in order to bring Verone to the distance.

Together they succeed in to arrest Carter and handing the money over the authorities.

cars of blue


  • pure hard adhesive, Rhine newspaper, 20. June 2003: “So schmalbrüstig the story with their striking reliability holes and so schematic the figures nevertheless remain, thus breath-robbing also this time the Stunts failed to be silent from the risky pursuits completely.”
  • Cinema 07/2003: “too “The behaves “2 nearly 2 Furious” nearly and the Furious” how “speed 2” too “speed”: much din, little contents. Neon-shrill, ultralaute Car Crash Orgie after the proven sample of the predecessor. “
  • 13/2003 film-serve: “Lame Sequel, which less takes vehicles off than on on those GET down a standardized crime film action, which robs the film of its actual attraction.”
  • moviemaze.de: “Summer and easily bekömmlicher Highspeed fun, which set exactly the same as the first part on geile cars and cool sound. ”


won honors

  • BMI film music Award " for David Arnold with “the BMI film & TV Awards “ in the category “best music”.
  • “Teen Choice Award” in the category “Choice Movie Chemistry” for “Paul Walker” and the harmony whom it with its car darbot. Likewise a “Teen Coice Award “ in the category “Choice Movie Fight/Action Sequence” for the best fight /Actionszene.

however won

  • a nominating for a golden raspberry in the categories does not nominate “worst Remake or Prequel 2003 “and” worst replacement for a genuine film - only concept, no contents of
  • “Best Director” nominating for John single clay/tone with the Black Reel Awards.
  • Grammy nominating for Ludacris and Keith McMasters for “act A Fool” in the category “Best Song Written for A Motion Picture, Television or OTHER Visual Media” - “best one written Song for a cinema, a television film or another figurative performance.”
  • A further nominating for Ludacris with MTV the Movie Awards 2004 for “Breakthrough of marks performance”.
  • EH Mendes became in the category “Choice Breakout Movie star - Female” with the Teen Choice Awards nominates.
  • Two nominating for a “Taurus Award with the “World grant to Awards “ in the categories “Best Stunt Coordination feature film” - “best Stunt presentation in a film” for Terry Leonard and Artie Malesci and in the category “Best Work with A Vehicle” - “best work with a vehicle”.


for 2006 is planned a third part (The nearly and the Furious: Tokyo drift) however both without Vin is turned the Diesel, which did not along-play already in 2 nearly 2 Furious no more, and without Brian O'Conner alias Paul Walker.

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