of these articles is concerned with the television program 3sat. For the special Erfüllbarkeitsproblem of the propositional calculus see 3-SAT.
receipt: Satellite, cable & DVB
of countries: ROOF
entrepreneurial group of: Second Channel of German Television, ORF, SRG CSSR idée suisse and pool of broadcasting corporations
Business guide: Dr. Gottfried long stone
Erstausstrahlung: 1. December 1984
program type: Full program

second German television
55100 Mainz

list of the television stations

3sat is the name of a advertising-free public television program. As communal facility the program of the Second Channel of German Television , the ORF becomes, which SRG (represent by Swiss the television (SF)) and the TV organizations of the pool of broadcasting corporations operated. Responsible transmitter is the Second Channel of German Television, at whose location also the transmission center with Studios for the own productions stands.

an 3sat beteiligte Länder (D-A-CH-Länder)
in 3sat took part countries
(ROOF- Countries)

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one based 3sat 1984 as German-language satellite - culture program of the German Second Channel of German Television, the Austrian ORF and Swiss broadcasting corporation SRG (today SRG CSSRidée suisse). Transmission beginning was at the 1. December 1984.

In the year 1990 also the DFF entered also, and one thought about a renaming in 4sat. This consideration was rejected however again and it remained with 3sat. ThoseMembership of the DFF expired with the dissolution of the broadcasting station in accordance with the agreement contract to 31. December 1991. After attitude of its satellite channel unity plus to the 1. December 1993 followed as partner the pool of broadcasting corporations. Thus 3sat became the full program. Divide todayitself the parts of program of the four broadcasting stations on in Second Channel of German Television with 32,5%, ORF with 25%, SRG with 10% and pool of broadcasting corporations with 32,5%. Decisions are made in the consent of the partners.


of the transmitters becomes over the satellite Astra in Europe radiated and is receiptable also over the cable system and DVB-T.


  • 3satBörse (on Fridays 21:30 clock)
  • monument - the Wissenquiz, mystery films to topics and Biografien from history and culture (last Saturday in the month, 19:20 clock)
  • delta -The thinking magazine with Gert Scobel (14-täglich, Thursday 21:00 clock)
  • ENTRANCE HALL, theatre magazine (1. and 3. Saturday in the month, 19:20 clock)
  • hitec, documentations and reports from science and technology (Sundays 16 o'clock)
  • culture time (weekday 19:20 clock)
  • nano - the worldfrom tomorrow (weekday 18:30 clock)
  • new, computer and telecommunications magazine (Saturday 17:00 clock)
  • right explosively - court reporters report (1. Wednesday in the month 20:15 clock)
  • tip & trend… - domicile/mobilely/mode/sportiv (Saturday 17:30 clock)

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