8. December

of the 8. December is the 342. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 343. in leap years), thus 23 days up to the year end remain.

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burning ships after the attack on Pearl Harbor


science and technology




  • 1963: Elkton, Maryland, the USA. A Boeing 707 the PanAm, coming from Baltimore, is met briefly before the approach flight in Philadelphia by lightning, that the fuel in the wing tanks inFire sets and the machine in air to explode leaves. All 81 humans on board die
  • 1966: The Greek ferry Iraklion sinks north of Mílos, whereby 241 humans drown
  • to 1969: Athens: Crash Douglas of a DC-6B the Greek Olympic Airways
  • 1972: Chicago, Illinois: A Boeing 707 United Airlines on the regular flight of Washington coming, falls briefly before the runway. 45 humans die, two of it from the ground personnel. 18 passengers can savedbecome
  • 1988: Over the city center from rem-separate falls a US fighter of the type Thunderbolt II A 10 and tears 300 m a broad flight corridor into the area. Balance: 6 dead ones and around the 50 partly heavily hurt. With the crashpresumed set free uranium 238 provides this very day for a increased number of deaths rate by cancer


Entries from athlete IC world records are under the respective discipline under Leichtathletik; for events within the range formula 1 see there.


Maria Stuart
Johann Albrecht, Herzog zu Mecklenburg
Johann Albrecht, duke to Mecklenburg
Björnstjerne Björnson


Liselotte of the Pfalz

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