9. November

of the 9. November is the 313. Day of the Gregorian calendar (the 314. in leap years), thus 52 days up to the year end remain.

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„fate day “of the Germans

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on ninth November fall a set of events, which are considered as political turning points. Therefore that applies 9. November particularly „a fate-pregnant “date of newer history in Germany and Austria and is called therefore also than „fate day of the Germans “.


of the 9. November becomes because of the respective events and developments in the years 1848, 1918, 1923, 1938 and 1989 ofmany Germans in one, depending upon event, polarized either positive or negative sense as fateful key date of German history regards. The data mark indeed important turning points of German contemporary history with partly also international effects.

While the events ofdevelop 1923 consciously on those of 1918 (revenge of the Nazis for the November revolution), like also the 1938 on those from 1923 (additionally on the occasion of in the third realm usual the ceremonies to 15. Anniversary plotted Pogrom), is the historical event of 1989(hardly still avoidable) a coincidence product been purely temporally seen. Also for this reason and because of in the evaluation the disputed and/or. related to 1923 and 1938 did not occupy negatively events became the 9. November as German national holiday selected, butother date, the 3. October, the date, at that 1990 formally the reunification and/or. coming up the GDR in the Federal Republic of Germany into force stepped.

Today is the 9. November an important anniversary for the victims of the national socialism. Inleft circles becomes to 9. November in addition the victims of the November revolution and proclaiming the Weimar Republic meant. For the ten-year anniversary of the wall opening official commemoration ceremonies took place in the year 1999 on this day.

It comes again and again to 9. Novemberin Germany also to demonstrations of neo-Nazis.

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