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politics and world happening

  • king Heinrich I.armistice knows by exchange noble Hungary and payment of tributes a 10jährigenwith the Hungary close. In the consequence Heinrich lets its arms measures approve of against the Hungary on Reichstag von Ingelheim and accomplish afterwards generally speaking realm. It reaches von Worms on Reichstag the final renouncement king Rudolfs I.ofWest Franconia on Lorraine
  • duke Burchard II.from Swabia its Schwiegersohnes Rudolf II. pulls for support. from Burgund to Italy. It becomes to 29. At November era of archbishop Lambert of Milan and lose battle and lives attack April.: After it followsCount Hermann von Wetterau by Belehnung as a duke. He marries direction lime tree, the widow Burchards II
  • king Rudolf II. from Burgund and Italy Burchards gives II. after death. Italy on
  • count Hugo von Vienne, Regent von down Burgund, takes as an inheritanceits nut/mother Bertha the region Tuscien in possession. He drives king out Rudolf II. with the help of the archbishop of Milan. and can be crowned in Pavia to the king of Italy. It closes with Pope Johannes X. in Mantua an assistance pact
  • king Sancho I. from Navarra dies.: After him its minor son Garcia III. follows. under regency of the nut/mother Toda
  • king Æthelstan of Wessex subjects the Danes in Northumbria Hungarian assault on pc. after the death of the Danish
  • king Sithric of York.Gallen




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