A.J. McLean

Alexander James McLean (* 9. January 1978 in west Palm Beach, Florida) is an US-American singer and member of the Boygroup Backstreet Boys.

AJs parents could be separated, when it was four years old, which coined/shaped it lastingly very much. Already early it wanted to be located in the center and created it also to the desired Kindermodel - already with 7 years it had its first set map. Nut/mother Denise recognized the talent of her son and requests him from now, where it was possible.

A director discovered AJ with one of his innumerable fashion shows and engaged him for the fairy tale „Schneewittchen and the seven dwarves “- it may play the dwarf Dopey and convinces the people in such a way that it received also a 2-Jahres contract.

Beside the primary school it took instruction in „the Boca Raton thanks Studio “, where it trained five years long daily two hours ballet and dance. In addition Denise for its only son received a role in the popular US child series „to I' m Home “.

When AJ was 12 years old, he pulled with his nut/mother to its grandparents Ursula and Adolph after Kissimmee. There it visited then four years long the private play school „Florida Academy OF drama TIC kind “.

With one its innumerable Castings and interviews met he Howie Dorough and nod later Carter.

Attention it received also, than being public it 2001 in addition well-known alcoholics. Backstreet Boys interrupted its route and AJ went into an extraction hospital.


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