Establishment: 31. December 1973
category: Hard skirt
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initial members
singing: Dave Evans (until 1974)
Lead guitar: Angus Young
rhythm guitar: Malcolm Young
bass guitar: Larry Van Kriedt (until 1974)
Schlagzeug: Colin John Burgess(until 1974)
further one former members
bass guitar: Neil Smith (1974)
bass guitar: Rob Bailey (1974-1975)
bass guitar: Mark of Evans (1974-1977)
Schlagzeug: Noel Taylor (1974)
Schlagzeug: Peter Clack (1974-1975)
Schlagzeug: Simon WRIGHT (1983-1989)
Schlagzeug: Chris Slade (1989-1994)
Singing: Bon Scott (starting from 1974; † 1980)
Current occupation
singing: Brian Johnson (since 1980)
Lead guitar: Angus Young
rhythm guitar: Malcolm Young
bass guitar: Cliff Williams (since 1978)
Schlagzeug: Phil Rudd
(1974-1983 and since 1995)

AC/DC (Alternate current/Direct current) is thatName Australian skirt volume, the end of the yearly 1973 by the brothers Angus McKinnon Young and Malcolm born in Scotland of a McKinnon Young was created. The volume is this very day active.

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To its name those came volume of the legend to by Margreth, the sister of the Young brothers. She saw the label „to AC/DC “(alternating current/direct current) on the sewing machine of the family and found that this abbreviation the strong music that volumeideally would symbolize. However AC/DC is in English-language countries also a term for Bisexuelle, which led at the beginning of the career of the Australian Rocker to some heated discussions. In the like a Christian fundamental surrounding field the meaning developed together with Backronymen for further of skirt volume„Anti-Christian/DEAD Christian “, which many regard today as the meaning of AC/DC.


the beginnings

the first appearance that volume took place at the New Year's Eve 1973 in Sydney in the night club „Chequers “. In February 1974 then those becamefirst AC/DC single „CAN I Sit NEXT ton of You Girl “/„Rockin' taken up to the Parlour “with singer Dave Evans, to 22. July of the same yearly in Australia and New Zealand appeared. This single heard itself - differently than later on the TNT albumpublish version affected by „CAN I Sit NEXT one ton of You Girl “with Bon Scott - still strong Glam skirt - on. At this time with rapidly changing occupation of the rhythm section (bass, Schlagzeug) - those was obviously stylistic not yet whole volumefixed on a line. By with each concert to school uniform of the Lead guitarist Angus Young carried today the image that was symbolized volume as „bad school boys “.

the Bon Scott era (1974-1980)

„classical “straight-line-compromiseless hard skirt orientation arrived only with thatChange of Dave Evans to Bon Scott as new Leadvokalisten finally to the break-through. The debut single became in Cronulla at of Australia south coast besides a tie-clip for the then only Rockshow on the Australian television, the zehnminütige transmission „GTK “(Got ton of Know) of theAustralian transmitter ABC turned.

First foreign successes adjusted themselves 1976, with the LP „High volume days “(1976). This plate was compound for High from that, in each case only in Australia appeared, LPs „volume days “(other version) and „T.N.T. “. The albumstill very strongly Boogie Woogie and skirt “nroll of the 50's heard itself affected on of the Blues.

The album „Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap “appeared likewise in Australia in another version than in Europe and America. ThatSong Jailbreak for example appeared only 1984 on the plate „'74 Jailbreak “outside by Australia. With this LP AC/DC dared themselves already further forwards, on their way to „the total “hard skirt. The Titelsong is until today much likes and often creates itin the live-program that volume.

With „the Let there skirt “- album of 1977 was already brought the hard style of the Quintetts on the first high point. Malcolm Youngs Powerchords, which sounded already much rau, fit very well Angus Youngs virtuosen guitar Soliand in addition „the icy “singing of Bon Scott.

On the LP „Powerage “of 1978 put AC/DC again more value on the Blues style. The result presents more than all other albums of the Australians musical being able of the Young brothers, butalso e.g. the bassists Cliff Williams (e.g. with the Song „Sin town center “). The LP is called also today still of many AC/DC fans the best.

With the typical album „Highway ton of bright “from 1979 succeeded to AC/DCup to then largest success. The Titelsong is generally also connected as the first with AC/DC. Here Bon proves Scott once again, like well its unmistakable voice to sound of AC/DC fits and creates with Songs like „Touch ton of Much “, „Mill universe Over You “or „Night Prowler “the atmosphere loved by the fans.

Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott suffocated at the 19.Februar 1980 in the full intoxication at its own vomit in the car of a friend.

the 1980er yearswith Brian Johnson

with Brian Johnson, the former singer of „Geordie “, came 1980 a successor, that fit the volume image. With the first album under new occupation in July 1980, „bake in Black “, changed the stylethat volume clearly. The hoarse singing Johnsons fit rather a kind „Heavy skirt “. The album, which became the most successful skirt album of all times and which among the best hard skirt albums at all to rank, sounded oneself many specialists also clearly harder as itsPredecessor.

The Titelsong of the album „For Those About ton skirt “from the year 1981 developed quasi to AC/CDC hymn and mostly for the conclusion of its concerts is played. This was also AC/DCs best hour; they reached for the first time thatfirst place of the U.S. - Charts.

After „For Those About ton skirt “appeared in the year 1983 the album „repair OF The SWITCH “, which had been produced by Angus and Malcolm Young. Of the buyer shank became it however not completely so wellassumed, how it had perhaps imagined the group. After the photographs to this LP Schlagzeuger Phil Rudd left the volume because of drug and psychological problems.

Also the album „Fly on The barrier “(1985) did not have a large success and becomestoday of the fans usually as the Tiefpunkt that volume designates, since the pieces were usually unimaginatively written and the LP had been badly produced.

„Who larva Who “appeared 1986 and contained only three new pieces, where of only thatTitesong admits became. The remainder of the Songs of the album were titles of earlier albums. The LP was also the sound TRACK to Stephen King 's film “maximum Overdrive “.

The LP „Blow UP Your video “(1988) meant for AC/DCsmall comeback, since those took up buyer shank and the fans this album again better. However it is today one of the most unknown albums that volume. During the route to “Blow UP Your video” had itself Malcolm Young four-month alcohol - of an extraction curesubmit. It had consumed, exactly like Bon Scott regularly too much alcohol.

the return 1990

only 1990 turned AC/DC with „The Razor's Edge “and in particular the Song „Thunderstruck “back into the hit parades. ThisAlbum created also a new, recent generation of AC/DC fans.

After this quasi-comeback album, in which the hard skirt style AC/DCs found its summit, Angus and Malcolm Young deliberated themselves during the writing of the Songs upon their origins: the albums „Ballbreaker “(1995) and „Stiff UpperLip “(2000) were again clearly coined/shaped of the skirt' n' roll and Blues. As musical model Chuck Berry is called again and again, whose „duck-mill a “firm component of Angus Youngs Bühnenshow is. Despite the sales figures of the years 1983-1988 bad for AC/DC, becamefrom you one the most successful hard skirt volume of the world. The so far last album „Stiff Upper Lip “originates from the year 2000.


style during the musicians at any time also live unmistakable sound of AC/DC - in particular the agile Angus Youngwith still indispensable school uniform -, Brian Johnson its had brachial pressed singing style (and cigarette consumption) in the meantime recognizably tribute tariffs. On the album „“he could tie Stiff Upper Lip on some Songs to good times, on the stage is hebut today often after some time hoarse. That does not seem to really disturb AC/DC fans. With its simple, honestly working style, which is developed on raue Powerchords and complex guitar Soli, AC/DC straight finds in a time of rational-calculating sound production beside the faithfulAging ochers also new fans under dte-sneeze. Many hard skirt and Heavy Metal - volume like e.g. Metallica admit today the influence, which AC/DC had on them.

For its life's work AC/DC became in March 2003 into the skirt and roll resoundsOF Fame taken up.

occupation in the course of the years

  • 1974
    • Angus Young (Lead guitar)
    • Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar)
    • Dave Evans (singing)
    • Larry Van Kriedt (bass)
    • Colin Burgess (Schlagzeug)
      1. single: CAN I Sit NEXT ton of You Girl, 1974
  • 1974
    • Angus Young
    • Malcolm Young
    • Bon Scott replaced replaced Larry
    • Van Kriedt Peter Clack replaced Colin
    • Burgess 1975 Angus Young Malcolm
  • Young
    • Bon Scott
    • Mark of Evans
    • replaced Rob
    • Baily Phil Rudd to Dave Evans
    • Rob Baily replaced Peter Clack
      1. High volume days,
      2. skirt 1977 1977 Angus Young Malcolm
      3. Young Bon Scott Cliff Williams
  • Mark
    • of Evans Phil
    • Rudd Powerage
    • , 1978
    • If You Want Blood (
    • You've Got
      1. It) replaced
      2. 1976 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to 1976 Let There, 1978
      3. Highway ton of bright, 1979
  • 1980
    • Angus Young
    • Malcolm Young
    • Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott †
    • to Cliff Williams
    • Phil Rudd
      1. bakes in Black, 1980
      2. For Those About ton skirt (incoming goods Salute You), 1981
      3. repairs OF The SWITCH, 1983
  • 1983
    • Angus Young
    • Malcolm Young
    • Brian Johnson
    • Cliff Williams
    • Simon WRIGHT replaced Phil Rudd
      1. Fly on The barrier, to 1985
      2. Who larva Who, 1986
      3. Blow UP Your video, 1987
  • 1990
    • Angus Young
    • Malcolm Young
    • Brian Johnson
    • Cliff Williams
    • Chris Slade replaced Simon WRIGHT
      1. The Razor's Edge, 1990
      2. live one, to 1992
  • 1995
    • Angus Young
    • Malcolm Young
    • Brian Johnson
    • Cliff Williams
    • Phil Rudd
      1. Ballbreaker, 1995
      2. Stiff Upper Lip, 2000


work on []

LPs and CDs

  • 1974: High volume days [Australian version]
  • 1975: T.N.T. [Australian version]
  • 1976: High volume days [European version, contains seven pieces the TNT and „of Little Lover “, „She's got ball “from the Australian High volume day]
  • 1976: DirtyDeeds Done Dirt Cheap [Australian version, partly. other Songs („R.I.P. “, „Jailbreak “) as europ. Version]
  • 1976: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [European version, contains a Song of the T.N.T.: „Rocker “= not on austr. Version, as well as „Love RK roofridge Feel “]
  • 1977: Let There skirt [CD and LP differ - LP corresponds to the Australian version, which another Cover has; instead of „Crabsody in Blue “(LP) the CD contain the Song „problem of Child “from the album Dirty Deeds Done DirtCheap]
  • 1978: Powerage [CD and LP differ - LP corresponds to the Australian version, Cover ident., CD without „Cold Hearted one “]
  • 1978: If You Want Blood (You of' VE Got It) [live one, Glasgow 1978]
  • 1979: Highway ton of bright [AustralianCover differed, GDR Cover differs]
  • 1980: Bake in Black
  • 1981: For Those About ton skirt (incoming goods Salute You)
  • 1983: Repair OF The SWITCH
  • 1984: ' 74 Jailbreak [EP; world-wide publication of five to date only in Australiapublished Songs]
  • 1985: Fly on The barrier
  • 1986: Who larva Who [sound TRACK to the Stephen King - film „maximum Overdrive “(dt. Film title: Rhea M - It began without warning; originally: Trucks)]
  • 1988: Blow UP Your video
  • 1990: The Razor' sEdge
  • 1992: Live [two versions (1 CD) and Special Collector' s edition, 2 CDs]
  • 1995: Ballbreaker
  • 1997: Bonfire [4-CD-Box: Volt (demo versions and other rare pieces), live one RK the Atlantic of Studios (PROM olive, New York 1977), Let there skirt (live onein Paris 1979, 2 CDs)]
  • 2000: Stiff Upper Lip
  • 2001: Stiff Upper Lip [route edition]

videos and DVDs

  • 1980: Let There skirt [motion picture film: Concert in Paris 1979 plus interviews]
  • 1985: Fly onthe barrier [music short film]
  • 1986: Who larva Who [video tie-clip 1980-1986]
  • 1989: AC/DC [9 video tie-clips 1975-1979]
  • 1991: Clipped [5 video tie-clips 1988-1991]
  • 1992: Live RK Donington
  • 1996: NO bulletin [live on the Plaza del Toros, including “hardas A skirt " - video and Making OF]
  • 2001: Stiff Upper Lip [live in the olympia stadium in Munich, inclusive interviews]
  • 2005: Family Jewels [2 DVDs, 2 x 20 video tie-clips from 1975 to 1991] (2006 distinguished with the ECHO)


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