AC Turin

Torino football club S.r.L.
Series of B: 3. Place (2004/05)
Gründungsdatum: 1906
city: Turin (TON)
president: Urbano Cairo
Manager: Renato Zaccarelli
managing director:
Coach: Giovanni De Biasi
7 x master

5 x Coppa Italia

stadium: Stadio depression Alpi
(68,841 places)
association colors: Garnet-red
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
conditions: May 2006

Torino Calcio 1906 SpA from Turin is one of the most popular Italian soccer associations. The crew is called I Granata (the garnet-red) after the color of its leotards or IL Toro (the bull) after an abbreviation of the name. The club was called to 1970 A.C. Torino.

The association was created 1890 as Internazionale Torino, renamed 1906 to fiber plastic Torino. Their first national championship was denied to them because of the outbreak of the First World War, their second chance assigned it 1926/1927 due to an alleged irregularity. Player and a coach of this legendary start time of the AC Turin was between 1906 and 1924 the later world champion coach Vittorio Pozzo, which remained closely connected for the association to to its end of life. He built in his time as a national coach from 1929 to 1948 frequently on the players of his homeland club. In an international match it placed ten players from Turin into the initial formation once.

In the year after they won first scudetto, the Italian championship, five further followed between 1942 and 1949 under guidance of her captain, the midfield player Valentino Mazzola. Sometimes the “Grande Torino” is called one of the best crews, which ever played in the series A.

To 24. April 1949 made 1:1 short for Mazzola before conclusion against the AC Bari. Thus Turin had already won five play days before conclusion the championship. Due to its there was a journey to Portugal, where a Freundschaftspiel took place against Benfica Lisbon. On the return flight then the tragic misfortune occurred: To 4. May 1949 fell the airplane in the dense fog few meters below the Basilika of Superga into the hill of the same name over Turin. Nearly all players of the crew died. Likewise functionaries of the association and three accompanying journalists. From the fame-rich crew of the “Grande Torino” survived only one, which had not begun the journey to Lisbon because of an injury. The A-youth played the season to end. The association did not recover any longer from this loss. After one decade of moderate seasons they ascended 1959 into the series of B off, after one year however again into the series of A.

Of the early 1960ern into the late 1980er the Turiner good results in the series of A obtained, under it a further championship in the season 1975/76. Since the end of the 1980er they changed for the profit of the Coppa Italia 1993 (see Italian football Cup winner) and the Mitropa Cup between the series A and series B back and forth, without obtaining further successes, foreseen 1991.

In addition, in its worst years I Granata supplied legendary plays to the so-called “Derbys” against the restaurant rival Juventus.

Since 1990 play the club in 69.040 spectators the seizing Stadio depression Alpi, which he divides with Juventus, although the stadium is unpopular with the fans with the association and. Before both associations played 30 years long in the Stadio Communale, into which the AC from the Stadio Filadelfia changed, the homeland of the “Grande Torino”. 2006 will open the association on the area of the Stadio Communale a new stadium, the Stadio Grande Torino.

The most well-known players of the club are beside Valentino Mazzola: Giorgio Ferrini, Gigi Meroni, Francesco Graziani, Paolino Pulici (in the series A three times goal scorer king was), Leovegildo Lins Gama, called junior ( a Brazilian national player into the 1980ern), Enzo Francescoli, Roberto Cravero, Abédi Pelé, Gianluigi Lentini and Enzo Scifo.

After the sporty ascent into the series of A to the season however fast the disillusionment followed 2005/06: To 25. July 2005 decided the sport court of the football federation, Turin, to give together with the fiber plastic Messina, no series of A-license because both associations had accumulated enormous debts. While the Italian Court of Justice for sport questions in Rome revised the league decision in the case of Messina, the Court of Justice confirmed the license lizenzverweigerung of the AC Turin. In the sum the Turiner had accumulated 34 million euro at commitments, which the association the tax office owes. After an endorsement was submitted, which should cover half of these debts approximately, it turned out that these documents were falsified. Nevertheless Turin may begin 2005/06 in the series B in the season, after new investors had been.

However it turned out that some endorsement papers were falsified and the AC has a debt mountain at a value of 80 million euro. This load leads to the insolvency of the club and it gives few prospects that the club can be still saved.

former players

of successes

  • A-crew:
  • Mitropa Cup: 1 (1991)
  • Italian master: 7 (1927/28, 1942/43, 1945/46, 1946/47, 1947/48, 1948/49 and 1975/76)
  • Coppa Italia: 5 (1935/36, 1942/43, 1967/68, 1970/71 and 1992/93)
  • Campionato series of B : 3 (1959/60, 1989/90 and 2000/01)

  • youth crew:

UEFA cup - finalist 1991-92 (against Ajax Amsterdam)

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