the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, literally: Asiatic-Pacific economic co-operation, also translated as asiatic-Pacific Economic Community, asiatic-Pacific restaurant forum or Asia Pacific restaurant co-operation economics) is an organization, which sat down it to the goal of furnishing in the Pacific area a foreign trade zone.


20.11.2004, Santiago de Chile: Wladimir Putin begrüßt Colin Powell beim APEC-Gipfel, rechts: Stephen Hadley, links: George W. Bush
20.11.2004, Santiago de Chile: Vladimir Putin welcomes Colin Powell with the APEC summit, right: Stephen Hadley, left: George W. Bush

the establishment took place 1989 in Canberra on initiative from Australia, Japan and the USA. At this time twelve countries were member of the APEC. In itsBeginnings was main the group a forum of informal discussions. With increasing co-operation common summit conferences, which take place annually in the meantime, were created as discussion and decision forum. In the consequence the APEC does not only concern itself with questions of the capital markets, the dismantling of trade barriers and the transnationalRestaurant economics, but also with topics such as future technologies, education, women, youth, ecological and lasting economic development, the reform of the APEC, as well as the fight of the international terrorism. During the annual summit conferences it comes frequently to demonstrations, which are accompanied by force.

Member states thatAPEC

1994 was sketched in Bogor , Indonesia the goal of the establishment of a foreign trade zone in the asiatic-Pacific area for the industrial nations starting from 2010 and for the developing countries starting from 2020. For the promotion of this goal the member states sketched national plans of action. An examination of the results finds in form annuallyProgress reports on the summits instead of. Since 2002 are also bilateral or mutlilaterale agreements among themselves certified. The agreements must correspond to the rules the World Trade Organization. Apec members signed so far more than 40 of such agreements. In the 21 Apec states scarcely half of the population of world lives. The marketing area furnishesmore than half of the world economy achievement and is one of the fastest increasing restaurant regions of the world.

Members are Australia, Brunei, Chile, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the USA and Viet Nam.


to principles the APEC on the basis of non-binding agreements. All decisions of the forum are made in the consent. Since 1997 no more new members are accepted, only2007 may be placed new requests. This period is to serve the consolidation of co-operation. The budget of the APEC is relatively small. It amounts to scarcely 3.5 million US Dollar per year, which are applied by membership dues of the APEC states. Alone Japan invests more money (3-4 millionsUS Dollar annually) into a special liberalisation fund of the organization. The meetings on APEC level are always accompanied by guests and observers. In addition representative of the Association OF South East Asian belongs nation (ASEAN), the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC), the Pacific Iceland forum (PIF) and other representatives from the public and private sector.

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