Pool of broadcasting corporations night concert

the pool of broadcasting corporations night concert is the second night program in sound broadcasting of the German national broadcasting corporations (pool of broadcasting corporations). It started to 2. March 1982 as offer for lovers of classical music and alternative to the easy music of the first night program, pool of broadcasting corporations night express.

First each night sent from 0.05 to 2,00 o'clock, was extended in the morning it starting from 1985 gradually to 6,00 o'clock. The national broadcasting corporations produce the offer still similarly as with the first night program in the regular change.

giving programs

(meant is in each case the weekday, to which the new day belongs)

  • Monday: NDR culture / mdr Figaro (jew. every fourteen days)
  • Tuesday: rbb culture radio (occasional: mdr Figaro)
  • Wednesday: WDR 3
  • Thursday: hr2
  • Friday: Bavaria 4 classical period
  • Saturday: SWR2
  • Sunday: NDR culture (every fourteen days)/ rbb culture radio / northwest radio (4-wöchentlich)

taking programs

the following programs take over the community program between 0:05 clock and 6 o'clock:

(*) = starting from 2 o'clock; (#) = to 5 o'clock

during with the Pool of broadcasting corporations Popnacht and with the pool of broadcasting corporations night concert with the time some institutes stepped out (e.g. NDR) or not even entered (e.g. mdr) are, is the night concert today the only pool of broadcasting corporations night program, which is taken over by all institutes for pool of broadcasting corporations. Up to its attitude to 30. September 2005 took over also HR classical period the night concert


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