Pool of broadcasting corporations digitally

pool of broadcasting corporations digitally is the name digital television program of the Bouquets of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

It is radiated country widely over the cable (DVB-C) and the satellite Astra (DVB-S). In some regions it in addition already terrestrial over antenna ( DVB-T) are tooreceived.

At present become 17 television and 61 radio broadcasting programs in the DVB - standard transfer. Among them radiated also programs produced digitally for pool of broadcasting corporations are exclusive beside simultaneous similar to. With them it is possible to see for example transmissions fromfirst “deferred or all regional programs of theTo receive NDR also over satellite.

The Play Out center (POC) for these programs is in potsdam with the RBB, here is likewise the pool of broadcasting corporations digital co-ordination settled. Further the arranged data stream of the POC from potsdam is transferred to the satellite Astra, of where out it also inthe cable systems one feeds. A further location is Frankfurt/Main. Here another part of the programs is arranged (multiplex) and to the satellite transfer (Uplink).

To the receipt a suitable digital TV home receiver (setting OI box) is necessary after the DVB standard. Auxiliary costs fallnot on.

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television programs

pool of broadcasting corporations - community programs:

Bavarian broadcast:

hessian broadcast:

Central German broadcast:

the main regional transmissions for Saxonia, Saxonia-Anhalt and Thuringia are radiated over unity extra, unity plus and unity festival. Toto simpler entrance exist program identifications, which switch to the transmitting time to the suitable video Stream.

North German broadcast:

Radio Bremen:

broadcast Berlin Brandenburg:

Saarland broadcast:

southwest broadcast:

West German broadcast:

further one:

of radio programs by Astra 19,2° east on the frequency 12.265 Ghz (radio transponder)

radio programs by Astra 19,2° east on the frequency 11.836 Ghz

of radio programs by Astra 19,2° east on the frequency 12,110To Ghz

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transmission paths

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