receipt: Satellite, cable & DVB-T
of countries: Germany & France
entrepreneurial group of: Pool of broadcasting corporations, Second Channel of German Television & Arte France
business guide: Jérôme Clément
Erstausstrahlung: 30. May 1992
program type: Section transmitters

(information and culture)


4, quai you Chanoine Winterer
67080 Strasbourg Cedex

listthe television station

ARTE (abbreviation for Association relative one à la Télévision Européenne) is a television station with seat in Strasbourg (head office) and in Baden-Baden, which is operated in German - French co-operation. ARTE became 1992 by a convention between the French state and thatGerman Lands of the Federal Republic based and went to 30. May 1992 on transmission.

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ARTE is radiated in two languages in completely Europe over satellite. In the German cable partly already is the transmitterstarting from 12 o'clock and/or. To receive 8 o'clock on weekend (otherwise 19 o'clock), in the French only in the evening; over satellite and DVB-T 24 hours long, before 12 o'clock are shown apart from repetitions of collision , with open maps and ARTE culture almost exclusively program information.

The receiptthe program over Internet (by means of Livestream) the actual from isolated message contributions apart - at present not possible.

ARTE has a substantially higher market share (3.8 per cent) in France than in Germany (under 1 per cent, conditions in each case at the beginning of of 2005). It is to be considered that the transmitterin Germany is exposed to a substantially harder competition than in France, where there are only five freely receiptable similar television stations - there is missing in particular the alternative at culture-specific points of program, which represents 3sat on German side above all. By the introduction of the digital television TNT inApril 2005 could expand ARTE its transmitting times there, meets now in addition, on more competitors.

ARTE has 365 firm coworker and an annual budget of approximately 360 million euro (conditions: 2005).


ARTE in Strasbourg

the emphasis of the program are culture, Europeand the switching of information from preferably unusual perspectives.

The transmitter is admits for high-quality documentations and an original transmitter Design, for which it already received several honors together with its contribution for European integration. ARTE publishes the ARTE magazine, a printed magazine with would background anda vierwöchigen program summary.

the legal form European

economic interest combination has legal form and co-operation ARTE. Of them entitles members is ARTE France and the ARTE Germany TV GmbH, in which again pool of broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television are involved to the half ever.

Further European are associatedTelevision station:RTBF in französischsprachigen Belgium, SRG CSSR idée suisse in Switzerland, TVE in Spain, TVP in Poland, ORF in Austria, YLE in Finland, NPS in the Netherlands, BBC in Great Britain and SVT in Sweden.

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