Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr (* 6. February 1756 in Newark, new jersey; † 14. September 1836 in haven smelling moon, New York), was an US-American politician and US vice-president under Thomas Jefferson.

Burr served with honor in the American war of independence. 1779 it left the army for health reasons and locked training as the attorney .

Burr was married since 1782 with Theodosia Bartow Prevost. After the death of its wife 1794 he married again 1833; its second wife separated however already after four months from him and became divorced at Burrs day of death validly from him.

Into the 1780er years became Burr one of the most important politicians in the State of New York. 1789 he became prosecutor general in New York and 1791 to 1797 was he a senator for the Federal State. Its largest rival in the New Yorker policy was Alexander Hamilton.

1800 won Burr as well as Thomas Jefferson the elections for the democratic-republican party. Both reached in each case 73 elector voices. Congress of US selected finally Jefferson to the US president and Burr became vice-president.

1804 began Burr not again to the presidency elections, but for the elections to the office for governor of New York. His old rival Hamilton contributed however by verschiedentliche influencing control substantially to Burrs defeat with these elections. Burr demanded thereupon Hamilton to the duel, in whose consequence Hamilton was deadly wounded. Burr was accused of after the duel in two US Federal States as a murderer, never stood however therefore before court.

1807 Burr in connection with the attempt to create an independent state in the Spanish part of North America accused of the high treason. From lack of proofs Burr became released however. From 1808 to 1812 Burr in Europe lived, before he finally returned to New York, where he deceased to 1836.

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