Aaron Carter

Aaron Charles Carter (* 7. December 1987 in Tampa Bay, Florida) is an US-American singer. Often it is called also with the Kosenamen “Airboy” or “AC”. Its first album it published with 9 years in Germany, as its brother nods Carter, member of the Boygroup Backstreet Boys in Germany was.


thereafter it withdrew itself more and more into the USA , where it published in the meantime many successful albums under the label JIVE record.

The largest turn in Carters life was in the year 2004, when it found out the fact that its nut/mother Jane Carter it bestohlen had and itself nut/mother and let father separate. Since then Carter lives with its father Bob Carter in Orlando, Florida. It terminated also recently the relationship after 7 months with its dancer Brittany Willet.

Carter has still further brothers and sisters beside its brother nods: Fishing rod Carter (twin sister), Leslie, “B.J.” Bobbie Jean, “Ginger” Virginia (half sister from Bobs of first marriage). In addition Aaron got to 7. June 2005 still another half brother named Kanden Brent. It originates from the current marriage from Aarons father with Ginger. Since short Aaron Carter has no more disk contract.


  • 1997 - Aaron Carter
  • 2000 - Aaron's party (Come GET it…)
  • 2001 - Oh Aaron
  • 2002 - Another Earthquake
  • 2003 - Aaron Carter - Most Requested hit (Hitcompilation)
  • 2005 - Saturday Night (first single uncoupling from the new album)
  • 2006 - Come GET it - The Very Best OF Aaron Carter (Hitcompilation)
  • 2006 - 2 Good 2 True (Hitcompilation)

in addition stands for Aaron Carter in the Guinessbuch of the records, when youngest singer of the one platinum plate got.

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