Abdou Diouf

Abdou Diouf (* 7. September 1935 in Louga) was a second president Senegal (1981 to 2000).


Abdou Diouf and Lionel Jospin, 30. September 1999 in Paris

Diouf was of 26. February 1970 to 1. January 1981 Prime Minister Senegal and became after the resignation Léopold Sédar Senghors president. With the elections in February 1983 and 1988 he was confirmed in the office, 1988 with 73% of the votes.

To 12. December 1981 agreed that Senegal under Diouf of the Konföderation with the Gambia under the name Senegambia , at the 1. February 1982 into force stepped.

Diouf was red-elect in February 1993 with 58% of the voices for 7 years, after the term of office of the president in the condition had been changed. In the elections 2000 it was appropriate in the first round with 41,3% to 30.1% of the voices still clearly before the long-term opposition leader Abdoulaye calf, was subject finally however in the ballot to 19. March with 41,5% to 58.5% against calf. After the defeat at the polls he handed over at the 1. April peacefully power to its successor.

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