Abdullah Öcalan

Abdullah Öcalan

Abdullah Öcalan (* 4. April 1949 in Ömerli), of its trailers he is called Apo, was a chairman of the labour party Kurdistans (Kurdish worker's party) of their establishment 1978 up to their dissolution in the year 2002.

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ideology Öcalans

Öcalans writings and speeches outyears are coined/shaped of a relatively classical marxism paired the 1970er with ideas of national liberations movement like the vietnamesischen or the Algerian (Frantz Fanon).

Starting from center of the 1980er years practices Öcalan partly violent criticism at material socialism. For the 1990er years it gives to that Woman release in its writings spread area. To it also the establishment of the woman army and later the “party of the free Mrs.” (PJA) decreases/goes back. In its in the prison written books it deepens its criticism at material socialism and publicises an democratic-ecological civil company, no establishment of state toA goal to have is, but the abolishment of the state and all hierarchies, in particular between the sexes.



after education against the will of its parents in Nizip and Ankara he worked as an employee of the land survey office and others in Diyarbakır.

ThoseExperiences as civil servants and its own ärmliche family situation coined/shaped it strongly. As an employee of the land survey office Öcalan saw the bad economic situation of the Kurdish population. As a cause for this situation he particularly regarded the master structures and the imperialism in Turkey and in south Ostanatolien.

First was Öcalanvery coined/shaped of the religious scene in Turkey. But with its flashing enthusiasm for the left student movements in Turkey it discovered ever more its interest in communism.

he began study and beginnings its

political commitment at the beginning of the 70'sto study in Ankara political sciences. There he came with socialist ideas into contact and developed sympathy for the THKP-C. The political influence of the THKP-C rose in the time at that time both with the Turkish and the Kurdish population.

Öcalan symphatisierte with the party becauseit at that time the only socialist party was, which made itself strong publicly for the rights of the Kurds and whom brought up for discussion problems in the southeast of Turkey.

Because of participation in a protest action against the execution of Mahir Çayan and other prominent figures of the THKP-C, he was arrestedand escaped only scarcely a detention of several years. In the prison he became a witness of the executions of the command structure of the THKP-C (Deniz Gezmiş, Yusuf Aslan and Hüseyin Inan), on the prison yard.

After its release Öcalan as well as Haki Karer and Kemal jetty, two basedSocialist of Turkish origin, a group, which was ideologically affected by socialist ideas and national and anti-colonial liberation struggles.

The group publicised a national liberation struggle in Kurdistan. The goal was at the beginning against the Kurdish great land owners, who exploited and suppressed the farmers from their view.

Work on []

Kurdish worker's party

establishment of the Kurdish worker's party

the Kurdish worker's party became to 27. November 1978 based. Öcalan was selected as a chairman. After the Militärputsch many parties was accused to float separatism.

In the consequence many parties were forbidden and their members were arrested. The military gavethe instruction to execute above all the command structures. The Judikative was not independent and consisted mostly of military judges.

Also the Kurdish worker's party was affected by these anti-terror emergency acts. 1979 left Öcalan Turkey, after about 1000 Kurdish worker's party members were arrested.

It fled first toward Later it went to Lebanon, of where he developed the Mahsum Korkmaz academy, to Syria, where it created the party school of the Kurdish worker's party in close proximity to Damascus.

the armed fight

1984 armed units of the Kurdish worker's party began with attacks on garrisons thatTurkish army a guerrilla war in the southeast of Turkey.

The Turkish state brought the old GDR of tank existence against the population in Cizre and Diyarbakir to the employment. The president at that time door property Özal offered diplomatic solutions to the Kurdish worker's party despite the military pressure in his own rows. Öcalanreacted and proclaimed 1993 a one-sided armistice. Özal let discharge 1991 also laws, which the Kurdish language in the private one legalisierte.

Door property Özal died to 17. April 1993 in mysteriöse way. With the government assumption by Tansu Ciller ended approximating between the state and thatKurdish worker's party. In the following years the conflict escalated. By the military became approx. Clearing, partly and the population destroys 4500 villages in a forced manner to leaving. By these measures the government wanted to destroy the Unterstützungsbasen of the Kurdish worker's party.

The war lasted over 15 years and demanded more than30,000 victims. Most victims educate Kurdish civilians.

peace effort

Öcalan had announced one-sided weapon stop before its capture three times (1993, 1995, 1. September 1998). Also regarded his process in Turkey as a chance for a call to the peace. Thus it dissociated itselffrom the separatism and a democratization of Turkey publicised. It called the Guerilla to the retreat from the area of Turkey, which obeyed these starting from August 1999. Since that time it submitted different suggestions for a political solution of the Kurdish question in its books. The one-sided armisticeheld up to the 1. June 2004.


arrest in Kenya

October 1998 had to leave Öcalan its place of residence in Syria, after Turkey Syria had threatened with war. Attempts, in Europe political asylum and support for a political solutionto receive, failed.

After an odyssey by different countries Öcalan became to 15. February 1999 in Kenya, after which leaving the Greek message, from which Millî İstihbarat Teşkilâtı kidnaps. A participation of the Mossad is considered as very probable, for which however no proofs exist. ForTrailer of Öcalan applies the 15. February since then as one mourning day and is committed annually with demonstrations.

procedure before the EGMR

the European Court of Justice for human rights has in last instance to 12. May 2005 the procedure Öcalans as unfair designates. Turkeyis obligated to resume the procedure if Öcalan requests this. Beyond that it must bear the cost of its lawyers.

To 29. June 1999 was condemned Öcalan by a Turkish public security court because of separatism to death. The judgement became among other things on European pressure from the parliamentsuspended and 2002 with the abolition of the death penalty converted into times of peace into life imprisonment. Öcalan sits since that 15. February 1999 in solitary confinement on the prison island Imrali in the Marmarameer.


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