Abdullah Abdurahman

Dr. Abdullah Abdurahman (* 18. December 1872 in Wellington, † 1940 in Capetown) was an important leader of the colored population and speaker of the central layer of South Africa. Its contribution for the history of South Africa is - while its normally regard liberal trailer it as one of the largest colored leaders in the history of the country, is disputed he for its more radical opponents few more than a Opportunist and fair weather politicians.

it went to 1888 to Scotland, there attained it at the University OF Glasgow 1893 the master - degrees into medicine to the Glasgow University. 1895 it returned to South Africa, where it stepped 1904 into the public life, by being selected to the first colored member of the Kapstädter of town councillor. Although beginning due to its skin color violently met with hostility, it succeeded to it the respect and the sympathy of most members of the committee to win - it kept its seat up to its death 1940. 1923 he became a chairman of the influential committee for road construction and drainage. Since 1914 it had likewise a seat in the province parliament of the province Capetown.

it occurred 1902 the African People's Organization , whose president became he 1905. Under its guidance the organization grew considerably. Since 1910 were it the organization of colored South Africans, largest with distance, a position, which kept her until 1940.

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