Abebe Bikila

Abebe Bikila (* 7. August 1932 in Jato, Ethiopia; † 25. October 1973 in Addis Abeba) was a äthiopischer marathoner.

Abebe Bikila became 1932 in Jato (approx. 130 km of Addis Abeba) in Ethiopia born. it closed 1944the traditional “Qes” - school off. With 20 years he was employed at the imperial body guard. With 22 years he married Yewibdar Giorghis with which it 4 children had.

Its sporty talent was discovered only late with military causes, as it a parade of äthiopischen athletes, whichlater in the olympic summer games 1956 in Melbourne to participate should, attended.

At the national military championships 1956 its first surprise success succeeded to it, when he struck Wami beer atue, which at that time held the records over 5000 m and 10000 m in Ethiopia. In the consequence Abebe brokealso the records over 5000 m and 10000 m in Ethiopia. With these impressive results it could itself for olympic summer games the 1960 in Rome qualify. In 02:15: 16 h won it the marathon race, set up a new Weltbestzeit and attained the first olympic medalfor Africa in the history of the olympic plays, whereby it put the distance back as only athlete barefoot. Over the reason why it ran the Marathonstrecke barefoot, gives it many rumors. Some state, it was actually faster without shoes; others believe, it wanted to show,under which circumstances many athletes in Ethiopia to train must. Probably however simply its shoes had run off in such a manner that it could not go with them into Rome to the start - to new to get accustomed was also no option -, therefore he did without completely upnew footwear and ran like it it was used from in former times.

With the plays olympic summer games 1964 in Tokyo it repeated its success of 1960 and placed a new Weltbestzeit for the Marathondistanz of 02:12: 11 h up, although it itself only 6 weeks before thatRun an operation to submit had. It was thereby the first runner, to which a subsequent victory in the Marathon succeeded with the olympic plays.

The attempt to win with the olympic summer games 1968 in Mexico city third gold medal failed, there it after 15 km for health reasons thatRun to break off had. Altogether it denied 26 marathon races in its career.

In the autumn 1968 it was hurt with a car accident in Sheno heavily and was since then. It became 9 months long in Ethiopia and abroad therapy ore. Although it was in the wheelchair, it lostits sporty spirit never. 1970 it - actually as spectators invited - participated in a carriage running in Norway, where it won gold over 25 km and 10 km. It participated in addition in the world plays of the handicapped ones 1970 in the elbow shooting and reserved seat 9.

Abebe Bikila succumbed 1973 to an illness, against which he had long fought several months. It became in the pc. Joseph church in Addis Abeba bury.


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