Abel Tasman

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Abel Tasman
Abel Tasman

Abel Janszoon Tasman (* 1603 in Lutjegast, Groningen; † 10. October 1659 in Batavia, Java) was a Netherlands sailor. On its discovery journeys around-apply it the Australian continent and reached 1642 as first Europeans New Zealand.

After it among other things the Australian island is Tasmanien (before Van Diemen's country), the Tasmani sea between Australia and New Zealand as well as that Abel Tasman national park in New Zealand designated.

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lives in the Netherlands

Abel Janszoon Tasman was born 1603 in the small village Lutjgast in the Netherlands. Over itsChildhood and youth are little well-known; this applies also to its appearance, since no haven guessing paintings are delivered from that time.

The first delivered recording is the marriage Abels with Jannetje Tjaerts in the year 1632. It was its second marriage, which it was received as a widower. Outfirst marriage had it the daughter Claesgen. At this time Tasman in the Amsterdamer road Teerketelsteeg lived as vaerentgesel (sailor).


year later Tasman hired expeditions at the Netherlands east India company (Verenigde Oostindi Compagnie, VOC) on. He signed a contractover three years and segelte immediately eastward.

At the time of the conclusion of its second contract 1638, this time on ten years, Tasman was already with the command entrusted over the ship angel. Its wife accompanied it on this journey, which after Batavia, to which, went to today's Jakarta.

In the year 1642 the Netherlands east India company decided to investigate Australia (see also history of Australia) by a planned expedition.

Tasmans first task was it to investigate at that time Australia well-known under the name new Holland of which the Dutchmen had before already discovered the west coast,to determine and whether it is part of the assumed continent Terra Australis. The Netherlands east India company expected of it the development of new commercial areas.

To 13. August 1642 fallow Tasman therefore of the trading base Jakarta out up, around the sea south of Indonesia after the sagenumwobenen continent named TerraTo investigate Australis Incognita. The expedition had a small warship two ships, of 60 tons named “Heemskerck “with 60 men crew and a narrow three-master of 100 tons and 50 men crew, named” Zeehaen “. On board was also the famousAttendant and Kartograph fray (Franchoys) to Jacobszoon Vis.

First it segelte from Jakarta to Mauritius and from there further south as preceding Netherlands expeditions eastward. Thus it missed it completely Australia, reached however to 24. November 1642 to first time again country with thatIsland Tasmanien. It called the island Tasmanien first Van Diemens country, later British colonialists designated it however after Tasman.

Travel route eastward from Abel Tasman to

New Zealand Von Tasmanien from segelten it further and to 13. Decembers 1642 saw the participants of Tasmans expedition as firstEuropean New Zealand at the west coast of the south island, with the today's cities Hokitika and Okarito. Tasman was not however first safe itself whether they were not discovered already discovered the west coast today's Chile, which however already few months later finally clarified and thoseRecent discovery of New Zealand was confirmed.

The diary entry Tasmans on this day was:

To “we gave the name Staten Landt, in honour of the high majesty the state general, this country because it could quite be that this country attaches to State Landt [today's Chile], although this not surelyis. The country seems to be a beautiful country and we trusts on the fact that this is the mainland coast of the unknown south continent. “

The expedition decided five days after this discovery to undertake a first Landgang also because its stores of water went to the slope. In addition they soughta suitable anchorage, which they also found in the today's golden Bay.

At the night after the first investigation course with two small boats Tasman had the first contact to the natives Maori. After first communication attempts did not fail and also on the following day the Dutchmen a possibilityfound to speak with the Maoris driven near in Kanus these attacked a ship's boat, which brought straight message between the expedition ships. They killed 4 sailors and ruderten with one the body ashore.

As Tasman it saw that meets the natives in large number on the bankplanned, took off a large-scale attack he with cannon fire from the bay. It originally called the bay Moordenaers Baij - “murderer bay”.

Von diesem Zwischenfall verschreckt, nahm die Expedition von weiteren Landgängen Abstand und segelte die Küste entlang nach Norden. Tasman anchored only to the northernmostPoint of the north island of New Zealand and designated the cape Cape Marie van Diemen after the wife of the governor general at that time of Jakarta. The islands lying before it were designated as the three-king islands, since Tasman discovered them at evenly this holiday.

Without the opportunity to use oncethe foot on of New Zealand mainland to set, Tasman segelte further northward and discovered 1643 Tonga - and Fiji islands and met to 14. June 1643 again in Jakarta.

1644 it undertook a further expedition to the northwest coast of Australia and cartography ores these today Tasmanland region mentioned.

A further expedition to New Zealand was planned, however due to the outbreak of the war with Portugal was painted.

Tasman died 1659. Its deduction, from which it donated a part to to arms of its village, became mainly between its wife and its daughter outfirst marriage divided.

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