Adventure film

as adventure film one designates a film, in which the Protagonisten is involved into a very eventful action, every now and then with many scene changes. Usually telling ranks are reduced to only one level, in order to simplify the spectator the identification with the main role, because in the foreground actually stands not the development of the characters, but this development of causing events. These events are mostly strongly exaggerated, however not in as unrealistic way as z. B. in pure Actionfilmen. Thus one fights less in the jungle against crocodiles and poisonous spiders, and against Zombies or Roboterkraken.

The category was particularly into the early 1980er years much likes.

Typical examples of adventure films are the films of the Indiana Jones - Trilogie. In addition, one could classify many Westernfilme of the 1960er years as adventure films.

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