Abraham Zapruder

Abraham Zapruder (* 15. May 1905; † 30. August 1970 in Dallas) possessed a company for lady clothing. As a passionierter hobby cameraman he filmed the assassination attempt on John F as a spectator of the president receipt in Texas more coincidentally. Kennedy in Dallas to 22. November 1963.

Zapruder used an at that time very advanced Model 414 PD 8mm Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series movie camera of 1962 for this film, in which a Kodak Kodachrome II was safety film. Its admission is well-known as Zapruder film so mentioned.

Within one hour after the assassination attempt journalist and secret service coworker Forrest Sorrels emerged with Zapruder in the office. The volume went to the television station WFAA. The volume was not to be seen on the screen to develop there WFAA no possibilities the 8-mm-Film to Zapruder was however within two hours on the screen had been seen.

After Kodak had developed the film, two copies went from the volume to the secret service and one at Zapruder. It sold it for 150.000 US Dollar to would run magazines; Part the contract it was that the actual effect of the shot on Kennedys would not be head to be seen (fig. 313). Zapruder donated the first rate of the police officer Jefferson Davis tip pit murdered of 25.000 US Dollar of the widow.


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