Abstract art

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abstract art is a art trend, those with at the beginning 20. Century began itself, as the first painters, as direct consequence of the development of the photography progressing always furthercontinued to remove, ever from the rendition or interpretation of material nature in their painting. One spoke therefore also of “groundless/unnecessary art”, its convinced trailers of “absolute painting”. To the Wegbereitern to the abstract painting M.K belongs. Tschurlianis, a painterfrom Lithuania, to which the first completely abstract painting is attributed of 1904; the French painter Francis Picabia (1879-1953) and the Russian Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), which painted its first abstract fig. from own stating 1911. Today one assumesKandinsky the picture predated. Among the first abstract painters rank the far Russian Mikhail Larianow (1881-1964), who of the Kubismus affected French painters Robert Delaunay (1885-1941), the Czech painter Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957), Swiss Paul Klee (1879-1940) and the Dutchman Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). An icon of the abstract painting is the black square on white reason of Kasimir Malewitsch (1878 - 1935) from the year 1913. Since these beginnings abstraction in always new variants, style directions and connections has world-wide theirPlace in the art scene states.

also Ungegenständliche art [

work on] compares

characteristics of the abstract painting

actually designates the painters of the abstract painting their pictures as an independent in each case abstraction, since they define abstraction as distance of the nature model.

Characteristics of this more modern art are:

  • Verfremdung of the color and the motives
  • crystalline forms
  • of prism tables dismantlings of the motives
  • use of verscheidenster organization means in only one work of art
  • the painters go thereby also often very experiment-joyfully with the color around
  • neglect of the perspective
  • usean unnatural lighting
  • the conscious deformation of the motives
  • increase of the contrast

the painters want to obtain thereby mainly an expression increase, which inside of their work express. Since itself in this time the music always far developed, they wanted likewise somethingthe music create equal.

However one must distinguish the abstract art in this time completely strongly from abstraction.

style directions of the abstract painting

abstract painters


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