Abu Inan Faris

Abu Inan Faris (* 1317; † 1358) were ninth Sultan of the Meriniden in Morocco (1351-1358).

Abu Inan Faris was already active during lifetimes of its father Abu l-Hasan (1331 - 1351) as governors in Tlemcen. When it experienced 1350 of the defeat of the Meriniden with Kairuan against the Beduinen, it could be proclaimed in Morocco to the ruler, in the acceptance that Abu l-Hasan had not survived the defeat. This succeeded however the escape to Morocco, so that it came to the fight, in which Abu Inan Faris against its father to become generally accepted could. After the death of its father it was generally recognized as a ruler.

Abu Inan Faris was a large promoter of art and culture and met poets and scholars at its yard. Also it let the Medresse le Inaniyya in Fes establish.

As already its father tried to combine also Abu Inan Faris the Maghreb under the rule of the Meriniden. Thus already 1352 Tlemcen again one occupied. 1358 also the introduction in Tunis succeeded to it, but had to flee it to Morocco, when the Arab auxiliary troops of it dropped.

Into Morocco Abu Inan Faris was fallen and strangled 1358 by a conspiracy of the high dignitaries at the yard. At the following struggles for power was among other things also Ibn Khaldun takes part, which had to leave on it the country. The Wattasiden won into the following years as Wesire the controlling position in Morocco and had the crucial influence over in and joggle of the Sultane.


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