Academy OF Motion Picture kind and Sciences

the Academy OF Motion Picture kind and Sciences is a professional, but honorary working organization, which is particularly by the award of the Academy Awards (well-known as OSCAR) a term.

The actual purpose of the academy is to use itself for the progress in the range of the film industry. This is done at one with the support of research, in addition, via a promotion of the cultural, educational and technological progress. The field of activity of the academy does not cover the economic, work or political affairs.

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the academy was created in May 1927 as non-profit combination. There were 36 initial members, among them many Studiobosse and high personalities in the Hollywood at that time.

The first president of the academy was the Douglas fair bank, SR.

From its establishment to the year 1946 the academy had their seat in a building in the Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. In December 1975 the academy referred new areas in the splendour road Wilshire boulevard in Beverly Hills. For the first time in the history of the academy now the listing of the film-creative, the Margaret Herrick library, was which unites Samuel Goldwyn theatre and the administrative offices under a roof. However it should turn out within shortest time that the premises would become too small soon already again. Above all the fast growth of the library and film archives made clear this.

In the year 1988 with the city Beverly Hills a lease was closed over a running time by 55 years for the transformation of the historical building Waterworks in the La Cienega park. This building firmierte in the following years also under the designation “center for Motion Picture Study”. To honours of two the founder of the academy (Douglas fair bank and Mary Pickford) was renamed the building part, in which the Herrick library is accommodated, in fair bank centers for Motion Picture Study, and the building in the Vine Street off now Pickford center was called for Motion Picture Study.


member of the academy one can become only by invitation so-called board of the OF Governors. Only selected persons, who exert themselves in special way for the film art, receive this honour (and/or. began). This actors can be exactly the same as directors or Kostümbildner. The academy unites 14 different industries: Actor, Ausstatter, cameramen, directors, documentary film producer, producer, members from the range film cut, composer, persons from the range public relation, Kurzfilmer and Animateure (draughtsman), as well as from the ranges clay/tone, visual effects and film script authors.

The academy strives for it, the exact number and above all the names of their members does not admit to give. One can assume however all important persons of the today's Hollywood are members of the academy. The profit one - or several - Oscars is usually a safe bank for an invitation into this circle. At present the academy sits down together as follows (conditions: January 2006, source: 5798 members

  • of 1260 actors (actor)
  • 378 artistic ladder (kind director)
  • 186 cameramen (cinematographers)
  • 376 directors (directors)
  • 134 documentary film producers (documentary)
  • 376 directors (executives)
  • 224 Cutter (film editor)
  • 366 honour members (members RK large)
  • 237 musicians (music)
  • 461 producers (producers)
  • 371 PR-people (publicly relation)
  • 316 Kurzfilmer (film and feature animation short)
  • 415 clay/tone people (sound)
  • 249 trick technicians (Visual Effects)
  • 396 film script authors (Writers)

presidents of the academy

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