Achille Charles Léonce Victor, 3. duc de Broglie

Achille Charles Léonce Victor, 3. duc de Broglie [də ˈbrɔj] (* 1. December 1785 in Paris; † 25. January 1870 ebd.) was a French statesman and diplomat.

Victor de Broglie

Victor de Broglie, Sohn 1794 of the guillotinierten general Claude Victor de Broglie, became under Napoleon I. Council of State, Auditeur, military director in Illyrien, then in Valladolid, late Attaché and legation advice in Vienna, Prague and Warsaw.

1814 appointed the Pair, he was decided liberal, was correct with Neys process for “Nichtschuldig” and fought into the Pairskammer the policy of the restoration reactionary with deciveness; it belonged to the party the doctrinaire one and represented as a convicition comrade Guizots the principles of the constitutional hereditary monarchy.

After the July revolution it became to 30. July 1830 provisional Minister of the Interior, at the 11. August Minister of the Kultus and public instruction and president of the Council of State, withdrew however in November with the remaining doctrinaire ones. From October 1832 until April 1834, then from November 1834 until February 1836 he was a minister of foreign affairs and from March 1835 on up to his withdrawal at the same time Prime Minister. As such it led the negotiations with England across the mutual search right and the abolishment of the slavery.

Since then it rejected repeated requests for the formation of a Ministry. it arranged the differences for 1845 in London over the search right, became 1847 French Ambassador in London, but recall in March 1848 of the provisional government.

In May 1849 it became member of the national assembly, where it became one the leader that rights. In January 1851 he became a president of the safety committee, operated in particular the condition revision, protested against the coup d'etat of 2. December 1851 and withdrew itself then into the private life.

Since 1855 member of the Académie française, he died to 25. January 1870 in Paris.


Broglie published his literary work under the title: “Écrits et discours” (Paris 1863, 3 volumes).

From his deduction his son Albert gave change : “Vues sur le gouvernement de la France; ouvrage inédit " (1870, 2. Aufl. 1871) and “Le libre échange et l'impôt” (1879).

His Mrs. Albertine (1797-1839), the only daughter of the Mrs. von Stael, wrote “fragment sur various sujets de religion et de morale” (anonymous, 1840).


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