Achille Locatelli

Achille cardinal Locatelli (* 15. March 1856 in Seregno, Italy; † 5. April 1935 in Rome) was a vatikanischer diplomat and cardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Achille Locatelli studied the fan catholic theology and philosophy in Monza and Rome and received to 23. December 1879 in Milan the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe. According to resuming studies it became 1886 coworkers of the Apostoli Nuntiatur in the Kingdom of Bavaria. Further stations of its diplomatic career were until 1899 Belgium, France and Austria. From 1899 to 1904 he worked in the department for special church affairs of the Vatikani office of the secretary of state. In the year 1905 it worked briefly in the Apostoli Nuntiatur of the Netherlands and traveled as papal special envoys to the wedding ceremonies of the Spanish king Alfons XIII. 1906 appointed it Pope Pius X. to the Titularerzbischof of Thessalonica and to the Apostoli Internuntius in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The Bischofsweihe received Achille Locatelli by cardinal Rafael Merry del Val y Zulueta. 1918 appointed it Pope Benedikt XV. to the Apostoli Nuntius in Portugal. Pope Pius XI. 1922 accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church San Bernardo all terms to the Kardinalskollegium . Achille Locatelli died to 5. April 1935 in Rome and was bestattet in Seregno.


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