of the Actionfilm (from English. action: Act, action) is advanced a film kind of the commercial maintenance cinema, in that the continuation of the outside action of mostly spectacularly produced combat and force scenes and/or. one illustrates. Main parts from Actionfilmen are therefore usuallyaufwändig turned Stunts, wild shootings, enormous explosions and rapid pursuits.

Frequently the reality purchase is taken to the represented force, by stressing looking values and by developing a dramatic tension elbow is to serve the Actionfilm primarily maintenance purposes.

Into the Plots usually around the fight between property and bad, the identification figure are frequently a physically strong male hero , who represents usually clear moral principles, those the ethical and world-descriptive bases of the western culture are correspond (property against bad, protecting the weak ones, justice for suffered injustice, defense and retaining of the familiar way of life etc.).

For this reason narrative elements from relatives of category flow into the Actionfilm, and. A. from the adventure film, the war film, the Kriminalfilm, the Psycho thriller, the horror film, the Science Fiction film.

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